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Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation at the Same Time

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Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation Surgery

no legs or faceBreast lift cosmetic surgery is a procedure that involves moving the nipple and areola, lifting the breasts, and removing excess skin. The outcome is breasts that look perkier and is especially appreciated by women with sagging breasts.

A breast lift surgery performed with breast implants offers more complete results. The patient does not require as much implant volume when they receive implant placement in combination with a breast lift which will position the breasts appropriately and provide them shape.

When both these procedures are carried out together, the breasts increase in cup size. They also appear more natural, perkier, and youthful than they would have with just a single procedure.

Reliable board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides breast augmentation with lift to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding locations.

Candidates for a Combined Procedure

Breast augmentation with lift enables the surgeon to provide the patient with a more significant breast size along with a tauter, more youthful contour through the breast lift.


This is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure among women who have experienced weight loss and now find that their breasts are sagging, those with breast size and shape changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, and those who are displeased with the impact of gravity on their breasts due to aging.


Understanding a Breast Augmentation


For women who want larger breasts, breast augmentation is an ideal procedure. This procedure usually involves the use of gel implants or saline to create cup size changes in the breasts that can range from small to substantial. These FDA-approved implants and surgery is generally considered safe and is performed on thousands of women annually.


Understanding a Breast Lift


The goal of a breast lift is not to increase the breast size. Rather, it involves the restructuring of muscle, skin, and breast tissue to give the breasts more structure and lift. Women commonly find that their breasts start to sag either due to aging, gravity, or pregnancy and breastfeeding.


Recovery Process after a Breast Augmentation with Lift


The patient can expect some discomfort and inflammation in the initial few days after the procedure. However, the pain should not be severe. Many patients experience stiffness in the first week which is normal. They may experience some bruising too.


The patient should immediately reach out to the surgeon’s office if she feels severe pain and bruising. The recovery duration is determined by many factors including the breast implant size.


Scarring after Breast Augmentation with Lift


A breast lift always involves some type of scarring. The surgeon will discuss with the patient which incisions are most suitable for them depending on their anatomy, implant size, and objectives. Some amount of scarring is unavoidable with this procedure.


However, the surgeon will try to minimize the appearance of the scar as much as possible. The scars will also fade away over time. These scars are typically not visible even when wearing clothes with a low neckline or a bikini top.


Devoted board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and other suburbs and towns in this part of The Golden State for breast augmentation with lift.


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Breast Lift Surgery | Mastopexy | Plastic Surgeon | Beverly Hills CAStaring for hours at our favorite actors, actresses, and models on television or the silver screen have almost all of the women population and half of the men population running to the nearest well-known, reputed plastic surgeon, trying to convince them to chisel, sculpt or reshape their faces and bodies to look as close as possible to their favorite celebs.

What is a mastoplexy?

Amongst the different array of cosmetic surgical procedures available today, breast augmentation seems to be one of the more popular procedures and amongst breast surgical procedures, the breast lift or mastoplexy is very popular. A breast lift or a mastoplexy is a type of cosmetic surgery wherein any excess skin surrounding the breast area is removed to uplift the position of the breasts, and restore, recondition and revitalize the once youthful appearance and firmness of a woman’s breasts. It is nothing but giving a face lift to the breasts.
A breast lift can even help lift the nipple and areola to a slightly higher position on the breast to give the breasts a more natural look.

Mastoplexy cost

In America, the average cost of a breast lift surgery or a mastoplexy can range anywhere between $4,000 to $4,500 dollars. This estimate is according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, the cost can vary depending on the following factors, namely:

  • The fame and reputation of the plastic surgeon, including the number of years of experience.
  • Geographical location of the clinic of the surgeon.
  • The type of breast lift or mastoplexy surgery being performed.
  • The anesthesia fees, which may or may not be included in the cost of the surgery.
  • Hospitalization fees and use of the clinic facility.
  • Pre and post-surgery treatments, medications, garments, apparatus.
  • Medical prescriptions and surgeon’s fee.

Most health insurance plans usually do not cover the cost of breast lift surgery. Similarly, any surgeries to be performed subsequent to the main or original breast lift surgery, due to complications that could have arisen, will also not be covered under health insurance. Revisional breast lift surgeries aren’t covered either, however, many plastic surgeons offer attractive and helpful financing plans.

Last but not the least, it is most important to do an extensive research and find a cosmetic surgeon who is well-known, accomplished, reputed, board-certified, and who has years of experience to make the patient at ease, as breast surgery can be a little invasive and a delicate subject.

Why have your breast lift surgery performed by Dr. Kim?

Dr Eugene Kim is a double board-certified plastic surgeon and has his clinic E.Kim located at 436 North Bedford Dr., Ste. 305, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210. Dr Kim understands the sensitivity of breast surgery, and he and his extremely qualified team of experts will cater to the patients’ individualistic needs and bodily requirements. He also operates in other regions of California like Beverly Hills, LosAngeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.
Dr Eugene Kim is a member of the Korean Medical Association and believes in providing nothing but the highest degree of quality and care to all his patients. Using the clinic’s digital imaging system, Dr. Kim will explain every step of the procedure in detail, including before and after photos, and the final outcome.

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Breast Augmentation  Lift Surgery Beverly Hills | Los Angeles Plastic SurgeonBreast augmentation and breast lift are two popular breast procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon to enhance the appearance of breasts. In some cases, the two procedures may be combined to achieve more effective results. However, many new patients may not have a clear idea of how different the two procedures are, and which of the two may be more suited to meet their aesthetic needs.

A typical question that a patient may ask is whether the sagging breast condition can be corrected with breast implants, or whether it requires a lift. Dr. Eugene Kim is a well-known plastic surgeon providing both these surgeries to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby locations. During the initial consultation, he will explain various aspects of the procedure to help the patient make an informed decision.

Correction of Sagging Breasts

Breast implant procedure is designed to increase the size of breasts, but not to raise their position or make them tighter and firmer. However, if the sagging is very minor, the cosmetic surgeon may recommend breast augmentation alone, and not breast lift. This can serve both the goals of enhancing the size and raising the breasts to a better position. In such case, the pre-requisites are that the position of nipples should be still close to the breast center, and not pointing downwards. Some amount of skin should be visible below the nipple when looking straight on at the breasts.

Breast lift will become necessary in the following conditions:

  • Sagging of breasts is moderate or severe.
  • Nipples point downwards or at the bottom of the breast.
  • When looking straight on at the breasts, no skin is visible under the nipple.
  • The patient is not keen to increase the breast size any further.
  • Areola size is large, and the patient is keen to have it reduced.

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Kim will also perform certain measurements to corroborate the observational findings. Patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities seeking breast lift or breast augmentation have an opportunity to receive these procedures from Dr. Kim.

Combination of Implants and Lift

The surgeon may recommend breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation in the following circumstances:

  1. The sagging of breasts is moderate or severe.
  2. The patient seeks to raise breast position while also desiring to increase their size.
  3. The patient is keen to maintain roundness and projection of the breast mound.

One of the limitations when breast lift is performed alone is that significant fullness in the upper aspect of the breasts above the nipple area cannot be achieved. If it is important for the patient to gain fullness of breasts in the upper part, the surgeon may recommend breast augmentation and lift as a combined procedure.

Sometimes the patient is keen to increase breast size, but suffers from significant skin laxity in the breasts, which can make the appearance of breast implants unappealing. Such patients may also benefit most from a combination of breast augmentation and breast lift.

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Breast Lift Surgery & Weight Loss

Dramatic weight loss following a breast lift (or mastopexy) may affect the appearance of your breasts, and Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim recommends that patients be at or near their ideal weight prior to undergoing a breast lift procedure.

Of course, the effect of weight loss after a breast lift procedure varies widely depending on the individual and the amount of fatty tissue in the breasts. Women who have substantially more fatty tissue in their breasts have a greater tendency to see their breast size and shape fluctuate with their weight. Those with less fatty tissue in their breasts seem to be less affected by weight change.

In general, losing a substantial amount of weight following your breast lift may cause your breasts to droop noticeably or have less volume. If the weight loss causes extreme changes in the size and shape of your breasts, breast revision surgery may be necessary to correct the effects.

Being at or near your ideal weight prior to breast lift surgery can help provide a more predictable and desirable appearance, as well as reduce your risk of complications during and after the breast lift procedure.

Breast Lift Before & After Photos

If you live in the Beverly Hills area and would like more information about breast lift options, please contact California plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim at E. Kim Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

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