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RhinoplastyRhinoplasty (Nose Revision) Surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica

The nose is the central feature of the face and can have a significant impact on your physical appearance. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, you may benefit from rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty can improve the shape and size of your nose to help you look and feel your best.

The best way to learn whether rhinoplasty is right for you is to schedule a consultation with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim. He will listen carefully to your aesthetic goals and recommend the ideal treatment course to deliver your desired outcome.

Common Aesthetic Nose Issues

Many people feel self-conscious about their nose, and this makes rhinoplasty one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed. It is often used to correct the following issues people have about their nose:

  • Too large
  • Too small
  • Small tip
  • Large or undefined tip
  • Hump or bump in the bridge
  • Dip in the bridge
  • Slope in bridge too steep or too shallow
  • Prominent nostrils
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Too wide or too narrow
  • Upturned or downturned
  • Crooked or broken nose
  • Any and all of these issues can be addressed during a rhinoplasty procedure if you are a good nose job candidate.

    The Rhinoplasty Procedure

    Dr. Kim performs most rhinoplasties as open procedures. That means that he makes a small incision in the columella, the narrow strip of skin separating the nostrils. This incision improves visualization of the nose’s internal structure and leads to better, more consistent results, especially when addressing problems in the tip of the nose. It typically heals well and leaves only a subtle, hidden scar. Dr. Kim then reshapes the nose’s internal structure.

    When augmentation is necessary, he prefers to use the patient’s own tissue – such as cartilage from your ear – rather than artificial material. This reduces the chance of extrusion and infection of implants. Once the reshaping is done, the skin is replaced over the nose and the incision closed.

    Closed rhinoplasty (no external incisions) is performed on patients who need minimal improvement in the tip of the nose.

    To learn more about your procedure, please read our Rhinoplasty Procedure page.

    Recovery from Rhinoplasty

    Discomfort from a rhinoplasty is typically minimal and easily controlled with over-the-counter medications. After your surgery, the nose will be bandaged. You may have splints in your nose to maintain the airways as well as an external splint to protect and help the nose heal into the best shape. There may be some bruising and swelling in the nose and in adjacent areas such as the eyes. The swelling will go down over the days after surgery.

    Sutures and splints are typically removed after about a week, when you may be able to return to work. You will need to take at least six weeks off from vigorous activity and avoid places where there is a risk of nose injury while you recover from rhinoplasty. Some results will be immediately visible, but they will continue to change subtly for several months. It may take up to a year before final results are visible.

    For additional information, please read our Questions about Nose Surgery.

    Why Choose Dr. Kim for Your Rhinoplasty

    Dr. Eugene Kim has worked with some of the premier rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. This includes extensive hands-on training to supplement his personal experience performing rhinoplasties. Dr. Kim has traveled to many parts of the world, including Korea, where he has learned the newest techniques in ethnic rhinoplasties. He was invited to attend the Asian Rhinoplasty Symposium in South Korea in May 2010 where he met rhinoplasty surgeons from all over Asia. During his time in Korea, he studied the different approaches to Korean or Asian rhinoplasty surgery and some of the newer technologies used to achieve the unique goals of Asian patients.

    Dr. Kim’s experience allows him to operate on a wide range of patients from those who have never had nose surgery (primary rhinoplasty) to those that need major reconstructions and revisions using the patient’s rib (rib graft). 

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    Please contact us today for a confidential rhinoplasty consultation at either our Beverly Hills or Santa Monica, California location.