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Otoplasty Plastic Surgery (Ear Reshaping) Candidates

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Otoplasty Plastic Surgery (Ear Reshaping) CandidatesIt is vitally important to choose the appropriate candidate for a cosmetic surgery procedure such as otoplasty or ear reshaping. A dedicated surgeon will carefully assess candidacy to determine whether otoplasty will make a significant improvement to the patient’s facial appearance.

Dr. Eugene Kim is a board certified plastic surgeon providing otoplasty and various other procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and other cities and suburbs in Southern California.


Attributes of a Candidate

Ears are a highly visible part of the body, and it is difficult to hide them with clothing. As a result, it can cause embarrassment to an individual who has ears that protrude out awkwardly, or are disproportionate, asymmetrical, flapping or drooping too low. Otoplastic cosmetic surgery can be the most effective treatment option for such candidates.

It could be a child who has to face teasing from fellow students at school, or an adult who feel uncomfortable in social settings or has a low self-esteem due to the odd shape of ears, or a person who has experienced trauma in the ear region. All these candidates can benefit from otoplasty.

In some cases, a child may have an ear defect by birth, which can make them a suitable candidate for reconstructive otoplasty. Patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas have an opportunity to receive ear reshaping surgery from experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Kim.


Candidates for Traditional or Reconstructive Otoplasty

Traditional otoplasty, commonly known as ear pinning surgery, is appropriate for candidates who are bothered by the appearance of large or extruding ears. The surgeon can ‘pin’ these ears back toward the patient’s head to create a more natural appearance, and make the individual’s face look more appealing.

Sometimes an individual may sustain severe ear defects due to some sort of external trauma, or the defects may be present in one or both ears by birth. Reconstructive otoplasty may be recommended for such candidates.


Child Candidacy

Children can be suitable candidates for otoplasty if they suffer from congenital ear defects. Around the age of six, the child candidate may be ready to undergo otoplasty because the ears would have adequately developed by then. A majority of otoplasty procedures generally are performed on children in age group of four to fourteen.

A child under the age of four may not be a good candidate for ear reshaping surgery because the ear is still growing in size and shape. However, tissue manipulation is easier with younger ears, and the surgeon would recommend timely surgery when the ear has acquired full growth. If the child suffers from a significant ear defect, they should meet a cosmetic surgeon to determine the right time for surgery.


Congenital Defects

Congential defects related to ears may include absence of earlobe, ear edges are folded forward, ear sharply curves inward, ear is curled forward, the top curve of the ear is reversed, ear is foled abnormally, or a cleft has formed in the earlobe. Malignant melanoma and skin cancer patients may also sometimes require reconstructive otoplasty.

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