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When a person is born with oddly shaped or protruding ears, there is no cover-up or quick fix for this condition; the ears are out there for everyone to see. Ear defects are a real source of self-consciousness for many men, women, and children, but cosmetic surgery offers a highly successful solution. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim performs ear reshaping, also known as ear pinning or otoplasty, to help patients with awkward, oversized, or asymmetrical ears achieve a normal appearance.

How an Otoplasty is Performed

Since the ear is comprised mainly of cartilage, Dr. Kim is able to manipulate this cartilage to achieve the desired appearance. The goal is to create a look that fits well with your face and is in good proportion to the size of your head. Also, the ears should match each other in a mirrored fashion. Keep in mind that no two ears are exactly alike and a perfect identical match is neither realistic nor desirable. While some patients will need alteration on both ears, Dr. Kim is often able to achieve a balanced appearance by performing alterations on only one ear. Stitches are placed once the changes are complete, and patients will return a week after surgery for suture removal. The scars are minimal and hidden behind the ear. Ear surgery patients typically return to work in about a week, although physical activities will be restricted for about two weeks.

Are You a Candidate for Otoplasty?

If you have ears that are prominent, you might want to consider the benefits of otoplasty at our advanced plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles. Ear reshaping surgery can be used to correct a variety of defects, including protruding ears. Our ear pinning patients have shared that they feel much more confident and outgoing after having the ear correction procedure.

Get all the facts on ear surgery from the leaders in Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Eugene Kim and his experienced team are here to help you get the ear appearance you desire. Please contact our Santa Monica otoplasty surgeon at your convenience to set up a personal cosmetic surgery evaluation.

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