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How Do I Find the Right Size for Breast Augmentation?

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How Do I Find the Right Size for Breast Augmentation?If you are considering breast augmentation, one of the most important decisions you will have to make, after choosing your plastic surgeon, is deciding on the size of breast implants you desire. This is one of the most personal decisions and can be one of the hardest to make. Here’s some advice to make it easier.

First, don’t think about letters or numbers. If you are trying to pin down your breast augmentation results to a specific cup size, you’re going to run into problems. First, cup sizes vary significantly between manufacturers, so when you’re saying you want to be a C cup or a D cup, you might be thinking about different sizes from your surgeon. And, although breast implant sizes are standard, the number of cc’s in an implant isn’t necessarily going to guarantee you get the result you desire. Depending on the placement of the implant and the anatomy of your breasts, you could get different results using the same size implant as another woman.

Next, don’t rely too much on images you see in magazines or on billboards. Airbrushing and computer photoshopping can significantly change the appearance of women’s breasts, and the breasts you see may not actually be the breasts they have. Even so-called candid shots on the red carpet are the result of potentially hours of crafting using custom-made garments, tape, and other tricks to help them look their best for just a few minutes. Plus, it’s important to remember how different women are in sizes and proportions. What looks good on someone else may not look good on you. However, photos can be helpful if the person in the photograph has a chest that is similar to yours.

Set Goals

The best thing to do is to carefully define your cosmetic goals and bring them to a plastic surgeon you can trust. Are you frustrated because there are clothes you can’t wear because they make you self-conscious about the size of your breasts? Bring in an example. Decide whether you want your breasts to help you fit in or to make you stand out. Do you want your results to be subtle, proportionate, or dramatic? Do you want to restore your breasts to the size they were during or before pregnancy? Bring in a picture from the time you were most happy with your breasts. What activities do you enjoy now that you do not want your breast implants to interfere with?

If you bring the answers to these questions with you in a consultation, your plastic surgeon can translate them into the right breast augmentation procedure for you. This will include helping you decide not just on the size of breast implants, but on several other procedural options that can help ensure you get the best breast augmentation results for you.

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