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Should I Wait Until After Having Children for Breast Augmentation?

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For women considering both breast augmentation and motherhood, the decision of whether to have breast implant surgery before or after childbirth can be a difficult one.

Although breast implants pose no risk to unborn children, pregnancy can significantly alter the shape and proportion of your breasts. Generally speaking, most plastic surgeons advise that women who anticipate having children in the near future wait until after the stresses and body changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth and nursing run their course before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

While some women experience little change in their breasts during pregnancy, others undergo a dramatic alteration to breast shape and size. These changes can affect the appearance of women with existing breast implants or affect the surgical options necessary to achieve the desired results in women considering breast augmentation.

Depending on the extent of the natural body changes that occur during pregnancy and following childbirth, some women with breast implants require an additional procedure to compensate for the resulting loss or gain of breast volume.

A consultation with experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim can provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for yourself.

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