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Can Rhinoplasty Correct Asymmetric Nostrils?

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Can Rhinoplasty Correct Asymmetric Nostrils?The shape of your nostrils has a great impact on how easily you can breathe, and asymmetry of the nostrils may need to be corrected in order to improve your respiration. In many cases, however, people may choose to correct asymmetric nostrils to improve their appearance.

Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that refines the shape and size of the nose and nostrils to improve the patient’s ability to breathe, as well as to provide an attractive, proportionate appearance of the nose.

Asymmetry of the nostrils may be a result of genetics or it can be caused by physical injury or previous nasal surgery.

Correction of the nostril may involve the reshaping of the bone or the cartilage. When correcting asymmetry of the nostrils, the cartilage and soft tissue are altered and reshaped to a more pleasing appearance.

Perfectly symmetrical nostrils may not be the end result. The goal of rhinoplasty is to create a natural looking appearance. Faces are naturally slightly asymmetrical. Rhinoplasty will give you symmetrical nostrils that look balanced and harmonious with the rest of your facial features.

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