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Don’t like the shape of your ears? Otoplasty plastic surgery may be an option!

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Don’t like the shape of your ears? Otoplasty plastic surgery may be an option!Defects in the shape of one or both ears can be a cause of frustration and low self-esteem among adults as well as kids. In many cases, the oddly shaped or protruding ears may occur by birth, but an injury to the ear may also cause a shape deformity. Otoplasty is a successful and proven cosmetic surgery treatment to restore a desirable and natural looking shape and size of the ears.

Dr. Eugene Kim is a board certified plastic surgeon providing otoplasty, which is also known as ear reshaping or ear pinning surgery. Dr. Kim will correct oversized, asymmetrical or awkward looking ears using advanced surgical techniques to make the procedure less invasive and more targeted. Dr. Kim provides otoplasty to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding locations.



An individual who is bothered by the appearance of prominent or oddly shaped ears may be a good candidate for otoplasty. Prior to considering a patient for this cosmetic surgery, the surgeon will assess the patient’s general health condition, overall facial anatomy, and their personal aesthetic needs and goals. If the ear has suffered damage due to an injury, ear reconstruction along with reshaping may have to be performed.

Children who have attained full ear growth can also make fabulous candidates for otoplasty as long as they are of an age where they can choose the procedure with the basic understanding of why they want to receive it. Kids who are unhappy or shy in their peer group because of the odd shape of ears may undergo this surgery.



The ear primarily comprises cartilage, which can be manipulated by the plastic surgeon to create the desired shape or size. The goal is to create a shape that is in harmony with other facial features and is well-proportioned to the size of the head. It is also important to ensure that both ears match each other in a mirrored fashion.

The patient should have realistic expectations, and should be made aware by the surgeon that the ears cannot be a perfect identical match. It will anyway look unnatural, while the aim of the procedure is to create natural looking ears. To make the procedure less invasive, in many cases, a skilled surgeon will be able to alter only one ear to achieve a balanced appearance. However, sometimes the patient may require correction in both ears.

Once the necessary changes are performed, the surgeon will place sutures. These will be removed in about one week after the otoplasty. Incisions will be made behind the ear to ensure that scarring remains minimally exposed. Dr. Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for ear reshaping surgery and various other aesthetic procedures.



Following otoplasty, an average patient will be able to resume their normal routine or return to work in about one week. Strenuous physical activities will have to be avoided for about two weeks to allow the healing to be completed.


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Don’t like the shape of your ears? Otoplasty plastic surgery may be an option!Visit and follow Dr. Eugene Kim on Instagram! See his confident, beautiful patients enjoying life after breast, facial and body contouring procedures.

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