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Don’t Fear Mammograms, Even if You Have Breast Implants

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When it comes to mammograms, women with breast implants should approach them in the same manner as women without breast implants: as an annual event beginning at age 40 (or earlier if there is a family history of cancer).

Some women with breast implants are reluctant to undergo a mammogram due to fears that the screening will rupture or otherwise damage their breast implants. Although the presence of breast implants can make mammogram imaging more difficult, mammograms on women with breast implants are typically conducted in a way that pushes the breast implants away from the breast tissue so a greater amount of breast tissue can be visualized without exorbitant stress or damage to the breast implants.

In most mammograms of women with breast implants, additional images are taken from multiple angles to provide a more complete image of the breast. You will likely be asked by your mammogram technician if you have breast implants; if not, it is important to bring the presence of your breast implants to your technician’s attention so he or she can provide accurate visualization.

If the mammogram reveals irregularities, your technician or personal doctor may recommend an MRI to provide a more comprehensive view of your breasts.

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