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Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

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Many people think it is a good idea to take a cosmetic surgery vacation. After all, you want to take time off from work, and should have someone help you during the first days of recovery, right? What better place to do that than at an all-inclusive resort or hotel? And if you have to be resting anyway, why not rest at the beach?

The above logic is sound, but there are some important things to keep in mind.

Don’t sacrifice quality of treatment

First, make sure that wherever you are going, you are not sacrificing the quality of treatment you are receiving from the surgeon. This can be true if you are having cosmetic surgery performed in another country where there may not be the same standards for surgical training and certification that there are in the United States. It may be impossible to verify whether the person you are working with is a board-certified plastic surgeon, a general surgeon posing as a cosmetic surgeon, or something else altogether. For these reasons, it’s often best to keep your cosmetic surgery vacation in the United States.

Chosen a Plastic Surgeon

It’s also best to work with a plastic surgeon you choose for his or her skills, not because of the destination. Thus, if you find a surgeon you want who happens to be in a desirable locale, then, by all means turn it into a cosmetic surgery vacation. It’s never a good idea to pick a vacation spot and then just pick a surgeon who happens to be in the area. Choosing your plastic surgeon is the most important decision you will make about your cosmetic surgery procedure, and it’s best to take no shortcuts when making it.

Make sure that your surgeon makes adequate provisions for your consultations and follow-up appointments. You want to talk to your surgeon in person at least once before your actual surgery. And you want to have at least your first follow-up appointment with the same doctor to ensure your healing is progressing at the desired rate.

Don’t travel alone

Finally, don’t travel alone. Even if your selected surgeon offers nursing facilities for the first day or two of recovery, it’s still best to have someone with you for the entire time until your first follow-up. It is also important to have someone travel with you when you return home.

If you follow these guidelines, cosmetic surgery vacations can be a positive experience that you can enjoy while getting a plastic surgery procedure that will improve your appearance and self-confidence.

At E. Kim Plastic Surgery, we invite you to consider us for your cosmetic surgery vacation in sunny Beverly Hills, California. Please call or email us today to find out how we can help you.

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