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How Long Does Latisse® Last?

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How Long Does Latisse® Last?Latisse is FDA approved to increase the thickness, darkness, and length of your eyelashes. Treatment with Latisse involves nightly application of the medication to the base of the upper eyelashes. Application of Latisse is similar to applying liquid mascara.

You will begin to see results within four to six weeks. Results continue to increase over the course of treatment, and full results will be apparent within 16 weeks.

Lengthen the growth cycle of your lashes

Latisse is thought to lengthen the growth cycle of your lashes. To maintain results, Latisse must be continually applied, although you may be able to reduce the application to every two or three days after full results are seen.

Stopping regular use of Latisse will cause your eyelashes to revert to their original appearance. Depending on your individual results, experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Latisse provider Dr. Eugene Kim may recommend a reduction in your treatment.

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