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Breast Implants Exchange Surgery Cost

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Breast Implants Exchange Surgery Cost

Breast Implants Exchange Surgery CostDr. Eugene Kim, one of the skilled plastic surgeons in the country, talks about secondary cosmetic procedures such as breast implants surgery and the cost involved in it. These procedures become necessary when the initial procedure leads to pain, discomfort, bleeding and improper size, shapes and texture of the breasts . Depending on the type of work required and the patient’s physical attributes, the costs of the surgery would vary person to person.

Cost of surgery

The surgery involves accessing the implants. Most surgeons prefer accessing them through old wounds left from previous surgeries. This reduces scarring around that area. Once the surgeon has made an entry, he accesses the implant in the pocket in which the old implant is placed. He may have to cut through a certain amount of scarred tissue that would have formed from the previous surgery. The harder and thicker the layer of tissue is, the more difficult it would be for the surgeon to access the pocket and the cost increases. Patients are placed under general anesthesia during this time, just like in the initial surgery.

The cost of the surgery would include many items such as:

  • Hospital and medicine charges
  • Fees for the surgeons and the team
  • Costs for anesthesia and the doctor administering it
  • Ward and surgical room charges
  • Charges for the instruments used for the procedure
  • Costs for buying special post-op garments such as surgical bras to ensure the breasts are well protected and supported during the recovery period.

Overall cost of such a procedure ranges between $8,000 and $12,000.

Follow the advice of your cosmetic surgeon

One of the reasons why Dr. Kim is so successful is because he explains the pros and cons of the procedure in-depth to his patients before he proceeds with it. He ensures patients go through before-after surgery photos, choose the right type of implants and are aware how their body will look after the surgery.

Patients must discuss every aspect of the surgery, right from the dos and don’ts to be followed before surgery, understand the procedure, what happens during it, how the breasts must be taken care of post-surgery and what will be the effects over a period of time. His clients in the West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles region have been very happy with his surgical results, mainly because they have followed his instructions to a tee.

These procedures alter the way a person looks for the rest of her life. They put the person’s body under a certain amount of stress, pain and the patients also have to suffer some bleeding. So every effort should be made both by the patient and the plastic/cosmetic surgeon to make the procedure a success.

Many people have got this procedure done. Recovery time is less, there are lesser physical adverse effects when the surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon. So don’t hesitate to get this done to satisfy yourself with the way your body looks or to get rid of any first surgery complications.

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