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Breast Implants Exchange Surgery

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Breast Implants Exchange Surgery

Breast Implants Exchange SurgeryBreast implants exchange refers to the replacement of old or incorrect breast implants placed in the pockets of the breasts. There are several reasons why this secondary procedure becomes necessary. Incorrectly placed implants in the initial surgery, clients dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts post the first surgery, leaking or burst implants and change in the type of the implants are the most common reasons.

What you need to know

Many people of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA and surrounding areas have benefitted from the expert care of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim. What makes him a sought after surgeon is the fact that he explains the pros and cons of this procedure in detail before embarking on it. He has skillfully performed many such surgeries . More experience means better surgeries with very little or no flaws. He emphasizes that patients must have a good chat about this procedure to see if it is absolutely necessary and what must be done before the surgery is conducted.

The procedure mostly involves accessing the implants from the old points of entry (the wounds left from the first surgery, to avoid further scarring) and getting past any scarring tissue surrounding the implant pocket, re-positioning the implant under or above the chest muscles, as preferred by the client and/or replacing old ones with new ones. Some may prefer to switch from silicone-gel based implants to the saline ones or vice-versa. Others may have to get them replaced because the implants have burst or leaked. This procedure is done using general anesthesia and is much like the initial procedure, the only difference being the reason for the surgery.

What to expect after it?

Dr. Kim has many satisfied clients, thanks to his skill and his through discussion of the effects of the procedure with his patients. By making them go through before-after photos and setting realistic goals, he has helped many clients choose the right breast size and shape and the right kind of implants the second time around, to ensure no further correctional surgeries are required.

After all, your body suffers some amount of pain and blood loss each time such procedures are done, and it is not advisable to do them again and again. Moreover, many patients have to get corrections done because they did not choose the right breast dimensions the first time or did not have clear communication with their plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Another important aspect of making this procedure a success is diligent post-op care by the patients and their relatives. Patients must take it easy for a few days after the surgery, not do strenuous chores, lift heavy objects, stretch their arms too much or do rigorous exercises. Arrangements must be made at the workplace to ensure they are professionally not affected by the number of leaves they take to undergo the surgery. Wearing comfortable clothes and surgical bras is definitely stressed upon by Dr. Kim. This lets the breasts heal faster, avoids bleeding and gives them the right amount of support to let the implants settle in their pockets correctly.

So for those of you who have been debating getting this secondary surgery done; do understand that while this may not be as major a procedure as the first one, there is still some amount of risk and pain involved. Choose your cosmetic surgeon carefully to get good and long-lasting results.

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