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What Are Some Body Lift Plastic Surgery Risks?

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Body Lift Plastic Surgery

What Are Some Body Lift Plastic Surgery Risks?You can mitigate the risks involved in a plastic surgery procedure, such as body lift by selecting a fully trained, qualified, and certified surgeon. You should understand that a certain degree of risk will always remain regardless of the steps you take. You should weigh the risks and benefits for making the right choice.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will explain all potential safety aspects and risks of the body lift procedure. They will determine your candidacy for the surgical procedure as well.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides lower, upper, and mid body lift procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities.

Common Risks in Body Lift Procedure

Body lift procedure can be performed in upper as well as lower body areas or either one with equal effectiveness. Risks differ based on the extent of the procedure. These are a few common risks involved in body lift cosmetic surgery procedure:

Inflammation and Bruising

Swelling and bruising is a common response to body lift surgery. You may experience bruising for a few days or weeks depending on the extent of the procedure performed, surgical technique chosen, and the number of treatment areas. Swelling generally goes away in a few months. You may be asked to wear a compression garment following the procedure for reducing the effects of inflammation and improving healing.

Altered Skin Sensation or Numbness

Tissue modification causes sensitivity in the incision area to reduce temporarily. Complete numbness may also occur in the treated area in some cases. Normal sensation is usually restored in the targeted area. However, recovery time can differ among patients. Loss or alteration of sensation in rare cases may be permanent.

Allergic Reactions

Involvement of gauze, anesthesia, tape, and other surgical materials may cause allergic reactions in few patients. Itchiness, rashes, dizziness, redness, vomiting, nausea, coughing, and congestion are few other side effects. These are generally temporary conditions. Patients with known allergy should speak with their surgeon during the initial consultation.

Poor Incision Healing

Major incisions in some cases may not heal well. These may pull apart well after your ‘body lift’ cosmetic surgery as well. This may occur if the patient doesn’t follow proper aftercare or the wound has not been carefully sutured. This may not be a serious risk, but it can delay healing. It may also require additional bandaging for closing the wound.


Seroma is the accumulation of excess fluid in tissue pockets around the incision sites. Your surgeon will provide you with compression garments and place drain tubes for reducing this risk. However, in case seroma develops, you may need surgical removal of the fluid.

Other rare risks include skin necrosis, excessive bleeding, and deep vein thrombosis.

Minimizing Risks in Body Lift Procedures

You should share your medical history with a plastic surgeon if you want to reduce the risk of serious complications. It is vital that you follow care guidelines laid down by the cosmetic surgeon effectively. This will help in improving the results of the body lift procedure.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for full and partial body lift surgery procedures.

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