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Rhinoplasty Results: What to Expect

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Whether you are considering a rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons, to address breathing problems, or to fix a broken nose, this popular surgical procedure can provide you with dramatic and permanent results. However, patients should still understand the limitations of the procedure and set realistic expectations for themselves.

During a personal consultation with Dr. Kim, be sure to openly discuss your cosmetic goals. After an evaluation of your nose’s current form, Dr. Kim will take photographs of your nose and speak with you at length about what rhinoplasty can accomplish in your particular case. The goal of rhinoplasty is not just to provide you with a “perfect” nose, but to also achieve a better overall balance of your facial features.

The final results of rhinoplasty surgery can take a full year to become apparent. For the first few weeks following surgery, bruising and swelling can compromise your nose’s appearance. While subtle changes will be visible, most patients will need to wait for their nose to settle into its final shape. Since rhinoplasty results can take so long to become apparent, Dr. Kim discourages patients from having a revision rhinoplasty until at least one full year has passed.

If you have further questions about what to expect from rhinoplasty, please contact plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim today to schedule a personal consultation. Our practice serves patients in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Newport Beach.

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