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Will My Nose Skin Thicken After Rhinoplasty?

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After rhinoplasty surgery, a thin layer of scar tissue may form underneath your nose’s skin where it has been elevated. However, this layer of tissue is typically very minimal and shouldn’t have an effect on the appearance of your nose at all. Over time, the tissue will thin even further. The vast majority of patients do not experience any issues with noticeably thicker nose skin after surgery; in fact, skin will often appear to shrink around the new structure of your nose.

However, if a patient’s elevated nose skin is not properly re-set during surgery, a thicker scar tissue can develop in the open area of your nose, potentially creating an undesirable fullness. This effect is rare and can be avoided when your rhinoplasty is performed with the careful skill of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Kim.

If you experience excessive swelling after surgery, which can lead to the formation of extra scar tissue, Dr. Kim is prepared with treatments that will help decrease scar tissue formation. In some cases, it can take up to a year for swelling to completely diminish after rhinoplasty. As with all surgical matters, proper post-surgical care and follow-up will help avoid complications and ensure you achieve the cosmetic results you were looking for.

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