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Neck Lift Surgery Recovery

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Neck Lift Surgery RecoveryNeck lift cosmetic surgery, known as lower rhytidectomy in medical terms, is a relatively less invasive surgical procedure. However, it involves a considerable recovery process which is vital to the sustainability and success of the procedure.

The surgeon will provide the patient with detailed recovery guidelines. On their part, the patient should follow these instructions closely to undergo a short and effective recovery phase and achieve optimal outcomes.

At the time of the pre-op consultation process, the patient will be able to ask the surgeon questions and express concerns regarding the recovery period, and downtime as well as the do’s and don’ts to be followed after the neck lift surgery.

Accomplished board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides neck lift to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and other neighborhoods and suburbs in this region of the southwest.


Approximate Downtime

A majority of patients will undergo around a week of downtime following the neck lift plastic surgery. They should enlist a responsible person to drive them back home after the procedure when the surgeon gives them clearance to return home.

Working professionals should budget for a week’s leave from work and apply for such leave in advance to have a relaxed and stress-free recovery period. The surgeon may prescribe the patient pain meds to ensure that they remain comfortable during the recovery phase.


Maintaining Blood Flow

While the patient should remain at home and take sufficient rest during the initial week after the neck surgery, the surgeon will ask them to undertake light activities, and brief walks within the premises to maintain the flow of blood in the incision sites.

The patient should wear comfortable, loose-fitting, and front-open clothing during the initial few days. Furthermore, they should avoid aggressive exercises and lifting heavy objects for the initial three to four weeks until the incisions heal properly. In most cases, the patient can resume their routine in one week following the surgery.


Checking for Infections

The post-op inflammation and bruising will slowly subside following the neck lift procedure. But if the patient detects any abnormal signs such as severe or constant pain in the incision areas, pus in the incision sites, high fever or excessive inflammation that does not resolve, they should immediately contact the surgeon’s office.

In addition, the patient should prevent exposing the incision areas to contaminants as much as possible in the initial few days. They should also not submerge the incision sites in water until the surgeon allows it.


Side Effects and Scarring

As temporary side effects, the patient will experience mild pain and soreness in the incisions sites as well as some level of bruising and scarring following the neck lift. There will inevitably be some amount of scarring after any surgery, including a neck lift procedure. However, these scars gradually fade appearing only as thin white lines.

An expert neck surgeon will create incisions in the natural creases of the neck or other discreet areas to reduce the appearance of any future scarring. Reliable cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas in this part of The Golden State for a neck lift.

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