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Mini Facelift Surgery Before and After Photos

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Mini Facelift Surgery Before and After PhotosMore commonly referred to as the weekend face lift, the mini-facelift is suitable for individuals in their 30s and 40s who begin to notice the first few signs of aging. It is helpful in reducing minor drooping or sagging of skin in the neck, jawline and/or cheeks. The results of a mini-facelift last for approximately 5 to 10 years, and are susceptible to the effects of gravity, aging an other elements. You can ask your surgeon for some before and after pictures of the surgery to get some idea about the procedure.

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Prior to a mini-facelift

The plastic surgeon first evaluates the patient’s face, to study the skin and bone structure and arrive at what needs to be achieved through the surgery. The surgeon studies the patient’s medical history to see if there are any issues related to high blood pressure, excessive scarring or blood clotting and asks the patient if he/she is under any medication. Smokers will be advised to refrain from smoking a couple of weeks both prior to the surgery and after, as it can inhibit flow of blood and healing. Most procedures make use of local anesthesia and a sedative while a few of them prefer using general anesthesia.

Mini-facelift procedure explained by cosmetic surgeon

During a mini-facelift procedure, the facial regions that show aging signs are repositioned surgically to conceal these signs. The incisions made are nearly half the length that would otherwise be made in traditional face-lift surgeries, while eliminating the ones that are made behind the ear region. The techniques employed by surgeons vary, while some may address just one aide first, others may move from one side to the other during its course.

The surgeon first separates the muscle and fat layer from the skin above. They then either use suction or trimming methods to remove the fat in the problem areas and contour its suitably. Following this, the plastic surgeon tightens the membrane and muscles that lie underneath it. He then pulls back the skin, secures tissue layers with stitches and closes the incisions. The cosmetic surgeon may insert a thin tube beneath the skin around the ear region to remove any blood that accumulates post-surgery. The cosmetic surgeon may also use bandages on the operated region to reduce swelling and bruising.

After mini-facelift recovery

Dr. Eugene Kim who practices in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, CA, says that you may experience slight numbness in the operated area following surgery, which should vanish in a couple of weeks. While there isn’t a considerable amount of discomfort post-surgery, the plastic surgeon may prescribe pain medications if required. The surgeon removes any drainage tubes or bandages inserted within a few days time. The surgical stitches should be removed in a week or so. The surgeon may advice you to keep the head in an elevated posture in the days following surgery to reduce the swelling.

While you can resume your usual activities within two days, avoid strenuous exertions for a week or two at least. You may have to stay of steam bath and saunas for many months following surgery. It is natural for the face to appear distorted in the days following surgery, along with stiff restricted facial movements. Any bruises that are present disappears in about three weeks, around when the surgical results start shaping up impressively.

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