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Losing Weight after a Breast Lift

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A breast lift can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. It is an ideal procedure to combat sagging issues caused by aging or pregnancy, and your procedure should be very effective at restoring the youthful, perky breasts you once enjoyed.

While most women experiencing sagging issues are candidates for a breast lift, there are certain factors which must be evaluated before moving forward with the procedure. One of these factors is future weight loss.

If you are planning on losing a significant amount of weight after your breast lift, you should discuss these plans with Dr. Kim at your initial consultation. Depending on your weight loss goals, Dr. Kim may advise that you put off your breast lift until your weight has stabilized.

Since a substantial percentage of your breast volume is comprised of fat, weight loss can have an adverse impact on your results, particularly if you lose a lot of weight. While losing a few pounds shouldn’t affect your results, significant weight loss may cause your breasts to sag prematurely following your breast lift. Therefore, it is best to shed those unwanted pounds before undergoing your procedure so that you can enjoy your perky new breast appearance for years to come.

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