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Facelift Before and After Photos

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What is facelift surgery? A facelift surgery is technically known as rhytidectomy.  It is a cosmetic surgery that is fundamentally used to transform a facial appearance from one that has signs of aging to one that has a more youthful look. It improves noticeable signs of aging from the face and neck. A facelift surgery usually involves multiple techniques. These rejuvenation techniques are usually performed along with other surgeries for effective results.

An aging face tends to lose elasticity which results in looser and droopy skin. Apart from this the aging process causes a loss in both muscle tone and fat.   A facelift surgery will usually involve the removal of excess skin and even tightening of underlying tissue. It is important to understand that facelift surgery is only a restorative procedure and will not bring about a change in the fundamental appearance of a person. Also, it will not stop the natural aging process.

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What can facelift surgery do for you?

Facelift surgery improves the common facial aging sign, such as:

  • Fallen or displaced fat around the face
  • Creases that appear below lower eyelids
  • Excess fat deposit and loose skin under the chin
  • Sagging of the midface region
  • Jowls in the lower face created by loss of muscle tone
  • Creases along the nose that can extend to the corner of the mouth

Tips to help with your facelift decision

Facelift surgeries are a great way for you to feel rejuvenated and bring back a youthful appearance in order to leave you feeling great and confident. The recovery period from such a surgery is not very long and normal routine activities can be resumed quite quickly. To ensure that you have detailed information about what to expect it is important that you consult your doctor. Specific questions should be asked so that you have realistic expectations, understand the complications that may be associated with facelift surgeries and to find out details about individual recovery periods. The effects of facial recovery surgeries are generally long-lasting and can be maintained best by following certain guidelines.

To find out how best you can maintain your rejuvenated appearance consult your doctor for specific individual details. Pain and discomfort that generally associated with cosmetic surgery are minimal with the right cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Eugene Kim is a experienced plastic surgeon in the Beverly Hills who provides state of the art reconstructive and rejuvenation surgeries. Expert doctors ensure that you are well informed with intricacies of the procedure and leave you assured that your facelift procedure is in the right hands.

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