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It is quite common to feel that a single, sometimes maybe even a few, features of your face drastically take away from your natural beauty potential. These may be features that have made you feel quite self-conscious from a long time. In other cases this may be due to effects of aging. Whether it is a particular facial feature you wish changed or getting back a youthful appearance, a trip to your popular Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim can prove extremely beneficial. A cosmetic surgeon can help your appearance with a facial reshaping or a facial rejuvenation procedure.

Facial Reshaping

Having a crooked or large nose or excessively protruding ears can quite usually make people feel unsatisfied and discontent with their facial appearance. There are a few different surgeries that can resolve such issues with certain features. Here are a few procedures that are generally performed by a plastic surgeon in such cases:

·  Ear Surgery – this is technically known as otoplasty. Ear surgery is taken up for improving the position, proportion or shape of the ear. It creates a natural shape for the ears which brings about proportion and balance to the face and ears.

·  Nose Surgery – this is technically known as rhinoplasty. Nose surgery is meant for improving the size of your nose. The size, width and general profile of the nose can be changed to bring about a more harmonious look with other facial features. Wide nostrils, depressions/bulges on the bridge, asymmetry and nasal tip issues can all be changed.

·   Chin and Cheek Augmentation – Chin or cheek augmentation can change the way your chin or cheekbones appear on your face. This brings about a change in the shape of a face for a more balanced and striking profile.

Facial Rejuvenation

The natural process of aging can greatly change the facial appearance of a person. For those people who want their youthful appearance returned and a rejuvenated face there are quite a few different medical procedures that can help improve imperfections such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and all other facial aging issues. Here are a few procedures that can greatly help:

·   Eyelid Surgery – this surgery takes care of excess eyelid skin to create a refreshing look.

·   Forehead lift – commonly known as a brow lift, this is a great solution for wrinkles on the forehead and drooping brows.

·   Facelift – this is a comprehensive facial rejuvenation surgery that can address several issues.

·   Neck lift – this surgery can help people with visible neck lines and sagging skin in the neck area.

Correction of such minor deformities with the help of your plastic surgeon can have a great effect on the overall appearance of a person. The self-esteem and self-confidence of individuals also greatly increases after such rejuvenation/shaping surgeries.

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