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Breasts Too High After Breast Augmentation?

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Immediately following a breast augmentation procedure, some patients may notice that their breasts appear much larger and higher than their intended results. This is the result of post-operative swelling, which usually takes 2-3 months to completely subside – however, it can last longer in some patients. When swelling is at its peak, patients can expect their breasts to be around ¼ of a cup size larger than their final results.

As swelling goes down, your breast implants will also undergo a change in shape, becoming rounder and sagging slightly to achieve a more natural look. This will eliminate the “high” appearance that worries many patients.

While you are healing, steps can be taken to help your breasts settle into their final position, such as massaging and displacement exercises. Dr. Kim may also recommend that you wear a strap that helps your implants drop into place more effectively, minimizing the time that it takes for you to notice your final results. Patients should closely follow-up with Dr. Kim throughout the recovery period to ensure their breasts are healing normally and that they are on the right path to their desired results.

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