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Breast Lift Before and After Photos

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See Breast Lift Before and After Photos

Be it giving your confidence a boost, or simply looking good, plastic surgeries are being embraced with open arms by many women today. Whats more is it allows them to embrace their beautiful selves with a surgical tweak on the unflattering bits. Breast lift is one such surgery, which helps in surgically enhancing the aesthetic appearance of drooping breasts, making them firmer and perkier.

Who should consider a breast lift?

Women can go in for a breast lift surgery, to correct any of these conditions:

  • Breasts that have turned flat, are pendulous or elongated in shape
  • Breasts that sag, due to loss of volume and shape
  • The nipples droop to fall under the crease of the breasts, when unsupported
  • The areolas and nipples point downwards
  • The breast tissue has stretched leading to enlarged areolas
  • The breasts are at different levels, one lower than the other

Breast lift surgeries- before and after

It is important that you talk to your plastic surgeon, when you drop in for a visit, regarding the results you expect from the surgery. It is also just as important to have realistic expectations of its outcome, says Dr. Eugene Kim, a well-known plastic surgeon operating in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, CA. You should also notify your plastic surgeon about any drug allergies or medical conditions that you suffer from, and any prescribed medications, health supplements or drugs that you take.

The cosmetic surgeon will conduct a general check-up to evaluate your health status and risk factors, if any. He will also examines the breasts to note down detailed measurements on the shape, size, areola and nipple placement, and such. He will then recommend a treatment which suits your needs, and discuss the possible outcomes and potential risks from the surgery. He can also show you a few breast lift before and after photos to give you a clear picture of the surgery and its results. The cosmetic surgeon also decides beforehand on the nature of anesthetic that is to be administered during the surgery.

During the surgery, the surgeon makes an incision and removes the excess sagging skin, to give it a firmer contour. The surgeon may move the areola and nipples and line them based on the requirement, after removing the excess skin tissue. The surgeon will cover the operated area with bandages or dressings. You will have to wear a supporting garment, to reduce the swelling, along with supporting the breasts to heal faster. Also, a thin tube may be placed in the operated area temporarily. The small tube helps in removing excess fluid or blood that collects in the area, post-surgery.

Your breasts may feel uncomfortable, bruised and swollen for the next few days, but medications can ease down any pain caused from the surgical wounds. Also, you may experience a loss of sensation in the breasts and nipples, which is quite normal and usually subsides within six weeks. The incision stitches will be removed within a couple of weeks, during your follow-up visits. Do not exert yourself physically for about three or four weeks, although you can get back to your routine within a week.

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