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Breast Lift Cost

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The body undergoes rapid transformations with time, and to keep up with these changes while maintaining a youthful demeanor is what most women want. Considering the fact that a lot of these changes occur naturally and cannot be corrected overnight, all by themselves, many women find solace in cosmetic surgeries. Pregnancy and nursing, although a beautiful phase, can cause your breasts to lose their firm shape. A plastic surgeon can help you enhance their appearance through a breast lift procedure

How is the surgery performed?

Breast lift procedures are done to correct drooping breasts, which may have turned limp due to a number of factors such as aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or from the effects of gravity. Breast lift (Mastopexy) can take around two to four hours. Aside from reinstating the breasts to make them firmer, the areola and nipple may be repositioned during the surgical procedure. A few women choose to undergo an augmentation surgery along with the breast lift procedure, for better results.

A common technique  during the procedure involves making an incision shaped like an anchor along the breast contours. This incision marks the perimeter of the area where the breast tissue is removed from. The areola and the nipple may be moved, once the excess tissue is removed. The under-areola skin is then used to shape the breast as required. In case the patient has small breasts, and the sagging isn’t quite evident, smaller incisions may be made, surrounding the areola. After this, the skin is surgically removed from a doughnut-shaped site surrounding the areola.

How much does a breast lift surgery cost?

One of the first things that women ask about once they decide on getting a plastic surgery, is regarding its cost, and this is no different with breast lift surgeries. Research statistics from 2012 reveal that breast lift surgeries have an average cost of $4,332 nation-wide. But then, the costs can fluctuate based on various factors. This average fee has been estimated as the primary fee, without taking into consideration surgical expenses from operational facility, anesthesia and others.

Typically, the surgery cost can be broken down to the following expenses:

  • The cosmetic surgeon’s fee
  • The hospital or operational facility fee
  • Medication expenses
  • Anesthesia cost
  • Expenses from surgical garments to be worn after surgery
  • Lab tests fee

The experience of the cosmetic surgeon hugely reflects on the fee the patient is being charged, says Dr. Eugene Kim, who is well-known in the areas of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and West Hollywood, CA. While the geographical location of the facility impacts the total cost, choosing a reliable cosmetic surgeon with good experience is far more important, even if it means paying slightly more than what you would have paid otherwise. Also, a majority of health insurance policies don’t cover these surgeries, although, you can review them with your insurance policy provider. A few surgeons provide financing plans to their patients, so they can pay back the surgical expenses in installments. Speak with your plastic surgeon to get a better picture on the same.

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