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Breast Enlargement Surgery Recovery

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Breast Enlargement Surgery RecoveryBreast enlargement plastic surgery involves multiple incisions, necessitating a considerable recovery period. Women seeking this procedure should understand how much downtime it will involve and schedule their procedure accordingly. 

The patient should follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions in a dedicated manner to ensure a safe and predictable recovery. 

The surgeon will provide the patient with comprehensive information about the recovery phase during the pre-op consultation. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides breast implant surgery to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities. 


Post-Operative Downtime

The post-op downtime may differ between patients after breast augmentation cosmetic surgery. But most breast enlargement patients can return to their routine within a week. 

The patient may resume work in one week to ten days. However, she should not engage in aggressive physical movements or vigorous activities for another two to three weeks. In case the patient has a physically demanding job, she may have to return to work after an additional week of recovery. 

The surgeon will direct the patient to take gentle walks within the home in the first week to maintain blood supply in the treated areas. But the patient should otherwise take sufficient rest and remain within their home during this duration. 

She should also avoid lifting heavy objects and not strain or bend at the incisions until adequate healing occurs. Once the drains and sutures are removed, a majority of women can resume their regular routine.


Initial Recovery

During the first week of recovery, the patient should plan to take leave from the workplace and ideally enlist someone to help her at home. The patient can take a shower, removing the compression garment, and wash the breasts gently, in around two days following the cosmetic surgery.

The patient should visit the surgeon’s office after the initial week so that they can assess the breasts and remove the drains if they are not collecting much fluid. The surgeon will take out the sutures after around ten days after the surgery, depending on the patient’s healing.


Overall Recovery 

In case the surgeon places the implants above the pectoral muscle instead of below it, the recovery duration will be relatively shorter. The swelling and bruising will be more prominent in the early week. However, it will slowly resolve from the second week. The surgeon may prescribe pain drugs for the initial few days after the procedure to make sure that the patient stays comfortable. 

The swelling will gradually resolve over the next several weeks. The final results of the breast enlargement surgery will be obvious after the inflammation has resolved. Patients who follow the surgeon’s instructions correctly will typically enjoy a safer and more comfortable recovery. 


Assistance in the Initial Week

Many women experience slight discomfort and tiredness during the initial week of the surgery. The patient should consider asking someone to stay at their home to help with household chores for the initial two to three days, particularly if she has small kids. 

Otherwise, she may hire a professional nurse for this period. The patient should ask a responsible person to drive her home after the procedure. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for breast implant surgery. 

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