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Your Brow Lift Plastic Surgery Consultation

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Your Brow Lift Plastic Surgery ConsultationBrow lift cosmetic surgery can help create a younger look for the entire face. The procedure may be performed independently, or combined with eyelid lift.

During the initial consultation, the surgeon will determine the patient’s candidacy and address their doubts and concerns. The surgeon’s first goal will be to help the patient make an informed and salient decision about the procedure. This is why surgeons and doctors are trained to listen well; it is a vital aspect of their job.

The patient should be prepared to engage proactively in the consultation process, and freely ask questions from the surgeon. A vibrant and constructive consultation will create the foundation for a safe and successful brow lift surgery. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides brow lift and various other procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and other neighborhoods and towns across the landscape.


Patient’s Feedback

At the time of pre-op consultation, the surgeon will first like to understand the reasons why the patient wants to choose brow lift plastic surgery, and which particular aspects of the eyes, forehead and brows may be bothering them.

If the patient has any underlying health problems or a habit of smoking, they should inform the surgeon at this stage. Once the surgeon has the necessary feedback, they can make appropriate recommendations to the patient about brow lift cosmetic surgery.


Patient’s Goals

Each patient will have their own unique cosmetic needs and goals with regard to their upper face appearance. The surgeon will try to have a clear idea of the patient’s personal cosmetic goals in order to create a customized brow lift plan that incorporates those goals. In this way, it is possible to achieve the patient’s desired outcomes in a less invasive, more targeted manner.


Current Health Condition

To save time, the patient can arrange in advance for their previous health records from their physician and specialist to be sent to the surgeon’s office. The surgeon will review these records carefully. The patient should also inform about any current underlying health condition, known allergies, or autoimmune disease. This will enable the surgeon to modify the brow lift procedure, if required, in order to minimize the risks.


Ongoing Medications

The patient should create a list of all the prescription and non-prescription drugs, including herbal supplements and vitamins that they may be currently taking. They can carry this list to the surgeon’s office for the consultation. The surgeon may require the patient to adjust the medication schedules in consultation with the prescribing physician.


Questions and Answers

At the time of initial consultation, the patient will have an opportunity to ask questions about the surgical procedure as well as the surgeon’s professional credentials. They should freely ask questions and make their decision only once they are fully satisfied.


Photos, Testimonials, Costs

The patient may also request for brow lift before and after images as well as testimonials of past patients. They should also discuss the issues related to the costs of the surgery. Insurance possibility and financing options may be discussed, if the surgeon’s office can help with such information.

The images should come in digital form. A patient can perhaps see these pictures on the website and perhaps even more pictures during the consultation via some sort of digital tool such as a tablet. The reason for this is so the patient has a clear understanding on what they are contemplating. This can decrease any anxiety the patient may have going into the surgery. On top of this, a picture speaks a thousand words right?

Profound and perspicacious plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for brow lift surgery.

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