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Tummy Tuck Recovery

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Tummy Tuck RecoveryDue to the extensive nature of the procedure, recovery after a tummy tuck can be a long process. In order to ensure that healing goes as smoothly as possible, you will need to carefully follow Dr. Kim’s instructions throughout the recovery period.

The first week after your tummy tuck will be spent resting. If you need a full tummy tuck, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim may have you stay overnight. However, less extensive procedures such as a mini tummy tuck are often performed on an outpatient basis.

It is common to experience pain, swelling, and bruising after your tummy tuck which should subside within a week. Dr. Kim may recommend a pain pump to alleviate discomfort at this stage of your recovery. Drains are often removed at the end of the first week.

Dr. Kim will have you wear a compression garment during the first two or three weeks of your tummy tuck recovery to facilitate the healing process. You should resume light activity as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. Walking is the ideal exercise to resume first. However, make sure to avoid strenuous exercise for four weeks.

You should expect to start seeing results after your bruising and swelling subsides, but the final results may not be apparent for up to six months. Dr. Kim has found that his patients are generally very pleased with their tummy tuck results once they have fully recovered from the surgery.

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