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Recovery After a Breast Augmentation: Pain, Scars, Bras, and Exercise

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Breast augmentation is a major cosmetic surgery procedure involving a considerable recovery component. Patients should be committed to following the surgeon’s instructions for the post-operative recovery to achieve safe and desirable results.  

Successful and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides breast augmentation to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities in this section of the state.

The Day after the Surgery

  • The surgeon or their staff members will check in on the patient by phone, email, or text.
  • The patient can expect mild inflammation, itching, and bruising in the incision sites. She may also experience some numbness and tingling if the procedure was performed in combination with a breast lift.
  • If the surgery involves more substantial implants, the skin around the breasts and chest area will feel taut for some time.

Week One to Week Three

A few weeks after the breast augmentation cosmetic surgery procedure, the new implants will adjust into their final position. The sensation of numbness, bruising, and inflammation will slowly start to subside.

  • The patient should follow wound care guidelines given to her on a post-op instruction sheet.
  • The patient should not take a shower until the surgeon says that it is alright to do so, and she should definitely avoid it on the first day after the procedure.
  • The in-person follow-up schedule differs a bit based on the individual case. However, it will contain the following elements in most cases. Post-operative Day 1, Day 7, Day 21 (sutures are commonly removed at this juncture, three weeks following the procedure). The next follow-up appointment may be scheduled at three months, then six months and maybe a one-year consultation, if the surgeon believes that it is necessary.
  • The visit at three weeks is the “visit of smiles” as the most remarkable time in the recovery phase is at around three weeks (or when the surgeon removes the sutures as well as sterile-adhesive strips from nipples). This is the point where some inflammation has subsided, and the new breast shape is apparent.
  • The surgeon will assess the patient’s scars and may offer alternatives to mitigate the appearance of the scars even more during the later appointments.
  • The patient or surgeon can choose to schedule additional appointments as necessary.
  • The surgeon will remain in touch with the patient between appointments, and the patient should immediately contact them in case of an emergency.

Overall Recovery Period

How long does it take to recover from breast augmentation surgery?

It is important not to try to expedite things during the recovery period. The patient should take sufficient rest and take it easy to ensure optimal outcomes.

  • In certain cases, the recovery period may be less extensive depending on the surgical technique employed, the implant size, and the placement of implants beneath or above the pectoral muscles.
  • If the patient requires internal sutures, it may limit their movements for an additional time.

Resuming Normal Work

  • Resuming work can differ significantly between patients. Most patients can return to work between one and three weeks. But if the surgery is more extensive or the work requires more physical rigor, then the patient may have to wait longer to return to work.
  • The patient should wear the post-op bra at all times (except for when taking a shower) for a minimum of four weeks. The patient should not take a shower until the day that is denoted on their post-op instructions. They will definitely not be allowed to shower on the first day after the procedure.

Compassionate plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for breast augmentation.

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Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery

tummy tuck plastic surgeryTummy tucks or abdominoplasties are performed to remove loose skin and fat deposits from the abdominal area.

Types of tummy tuck procedures

As with any procedure, there are different types of tummy tucks available to suit your specific needs.

Traditional Tummy Tucks: During this procedure, a surgeon will involve a hip to hip incision to effectively remove excess skin and contour muscles. Traditional tummy tucks are often used to help tighten skin after an abdominal liposuction.

Mini Tummy Tucks: Ideal for patients who are very close to their ideal body weight, this procedure only affects the area below the naval. They require a much smaller incision than the traditional tummy tuck and have a shorter recovery time as well.

Endoscopic Tummy Tuck: Endoscopic Tummy Tucks are usually recommended for patients with rectus diastasis, a disorder where the abdominal muscles are separated at the mid-line of the belly. Using only a small camera attacked to a tube and inserted through a small incision, the surgery is minimally invasive and has a short recovery time.

Extended Tummy Tucks: Designed specifically for the elimination of “love handles” and excess fat and skin in the abdominal area, this procedure helps contour your body. By targeting a wider area than the traditional tummy tuck, it allows for more fat or skin to be removed.

Circumferential Tummy Tucks: Used primarily to remove excess skin in the aftermath of significant weight loss, this procedure can leave scarring. Circumferential tummy tucks are often performed on patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery.

How much will an abdominoplasty cost?

Costing anywhere between $3000 and $12,000, the procedure’s exact price may vary depending on several factors. A patient’s needs, the type of tummy tuck performed, the experience of the plastic surgeon, types of surgical techniques and anesthesia can influence the cost of the procedure.

As an elective surgical procedure, a tummy tuck is not usually covered by health insurance. Financing may be available, however, through your cosmetic surgery clinic or a third party firm.

What about recovery from the plastic surgery?

Abdominoplasty can require an extensive recovery period, nearly weeks of complete rest and then months of careful care. Though recovery time may vary with different procedures, they are all generally long. Following post-surgical instructions and taking the required amount of rest can ensure that the process is accomplished as painlessly as possible.

Risks associated with this procedure

Just like any other procedure, Tummy Tucks are associated with surgical risks and complications. Though rare when the procedure is performed by an excellent surgeon and post-procedure care instructions are stringently adhered to, risks may occur.

Some risks include blood clots, a bad reaction to the anesthesia administered, infection of surgical site, longer healing time, etc. While there may also be temporary side effects like swelling of the surgical site, they will usually go away with proper care.

Tummy tucks can go a long way towards boosting your body image, and can sometimes even be necessary if you’ve just undergone massive weight loss or pregnancy. Contact Dr. Eugene Kim at his office in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica or West Hollywood, CA today to discuss your options and your cosmetic surgery needs.

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Facelift Plastic Surgery

Facelift Plastic Surgery Cost, Recovery Beverly Hills | Los AngelesLike any medical procedure, there are several types of facelifts available to suit your specific needs. While some people may need full facelifts, others may be well served by a mini facelift. Before signing up for a procedure, it is important to know exactly which surgical option is the best for you with your plastic surgeon. Here are a couple of the procedures that you might discuss:

Full Facelift

The full facelift is usually recommended for patients who display the most signs of aging. It can help lessen crow’s feet or lines around the eyes and mouth, eliminate pockets of fat near the chin or jowls, tighten sagging skin and more. The most comprehensive facelift procedure, it involves an incision that runs along the forehead, by the ears and into the neck of the patient.

Mid Facelift

A mid facelift helps to make the skin around the eyes and the cheeks taut and youthful. To perform this procedure, the surgeon will typically make an incision similar to that of the traditional facelift, but deeper. The depth allows the surgeon to lift the muscles in the cheek area to reduce signs of sagging or aging skin. Occasionally, the procedure may involve the use of fat grafting techniques or facial implants to produce defined and sculpted facial features.

Mini Facelift

Mini facelifts usually only involve an incision along the forehead and by the ears, and target the lower cheeks, jaw and neck. The surgeon will typically remove excess skin and lift muscles during this procedure to diminish signs of aging. Mini facelifts have shorter recovery times than the full or the mid facelift procedures, and are typically geared towards people in the 30s or 40s who have just started to show signs of aging.

How to finance a facelift procedure?

A facelift can cost $6000, with costs dependent on factors such as anesthesia, the caliber of the surgeon and so on. Cosmetic surgery is often not covered under health insurance, but there are means of financing available. The first thing to know about the cost of plastic surgery is that the procedure itself can make cost vary. Factors such as general anesthesia and other optional medical preferences, the expertise of the surgeon and the location of the surgeon’s clinic could increase the cost of surgery. Most plastic surgeons offer repayment plans or financing options that can be affordable. In the absence of in-house funding, third-party may be available from several firms.

What does recovery look like after the procedure?

Recovery varies depending on the type of procedure, but is usually limited to a few weeks. After any procedure, it is important to take good care of any drainage tubes if there, maintain clean bandages and keep the face away from water. It is also recommended that patients refrain from strenuous activity during recovery, and abstain from make-up until the surgeon says it can be applied.

Results of the cosmetic surgery

You’ve had the procedure, you’ve been through the recovery period, and you look into the mirror to see the difference. You’ll see marked reduction in lines and wrinkles, and a lessening of sagging skin. Depending on the type of procedure you underwent, you may notice a more sculpted jaw, a sharper cheekbone, a smoother brow. Your face will show diminished signs of aging, and will appear younger, and you will feel more youthful. Don’t put off basking in that glow for too long. Make an appointment with Dr. Eugene Kim at his clinic in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Santa Monica, California, today to see which facelift procedure best fulfills your needs.

Click here see more plastic surgery procedures and treatments performed by Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Eugene Kim on patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and surrounding areas or call 310-271-6996 to schedule a consultation.