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Options in Beverly Hills for Getting Even With Uneven Breasts

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Options in Beverly Hills for Getting Even With Uneven BreastsBreasts are like fingerprints in that no two are exactly alike, even on the same person. While some women have breasts that are mostly symmetrical, uneven breasts are the norm.

Despite the fact that no woman has perfectly symmetric breasts, uneven breasts can lead to everything from minor frustrations over trying to find bras and clothing that fit properly to feelings of self-consciousness to depression about your appearance. It should come as no surprise that improving breast proportion is one of the top reasons women choose a breast surgery procedure.

Fortunately, Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim offers a variety of options for correcting uneven breasts and giving you an aligned, proportionate profile that will leave you confident about your appearance. Your personal consultation with Dr. Kim will allow you to communicate your goals and provide you with the treatment options available for your specific condition.

Correcting uneven breasts can entail a single surgery or a combination of procedures including breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction. In addition to treating asymmetrical breasts, these procedures can also include the repositioning of uneven nipples and the alteration of areolas with differing diameters.

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