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Liposuction Risks and Safety Information

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Liposuction Risks and Safety InformationLiposuction currently ranks as the second most popular cosmetic surgery procedure in the US, according to the ASPS figures. Innovative surgical techniques have made the procedure safer and less invasive today. However, a certain level of risk continues to be associated with liposuction, just any other surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon is the surest way to minimize risk in liposuction. The patient should also be committed to following the surgeon’s pre- and post-operative instructions for safe outcomes. Dr. Eugene Kim is a board certified plastic surgeon providing liposuction to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities.


Possible Complications

Serious complications in liposuction cosmetic surgery are rare, as long as the procedure is performed a fully qualified and trained surgeon. But the possibility of following complications should be known to the patient prior to the procedure:

  • Infection occurring during or after the surgery
  • Poor anesthesia reaction
  • Formation of blood clots
  • Fluid accumulation beneath the skin or hematoma
  • Excessive loss of blood and bodily fluids during fat removal
  • Prolonged or permanent numbness in the incision areas
  • Slow healing
  • Unfavorable scarring
  • Changes in pigmentation
  • Damage to healthy surrounding tissue or nerves
  • Damage to other organs


Extremely Rare Complications

Severe complications may occur with liposuction surgery in exceptionally rare circumstances. These could include cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmia, internal blood clotting, excessive bleeding, seizures, permanent nerve damage, brain damage from anesthesia, or acute drug interactions.

A trained and experienced plastic surgeon will be able to virtually eliminate the possibility of such extreme complications. They will choose the right candidate and will follow all the established safety protocols. Dr. Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for liposuction.


Excessive Fat Removal

Risks will increase if the surgeon performs excessive liposuction on a single day. They should remove not more than 10 pounds of fat from a specific area for body contouring. Larger amounts of fat removal from the body, whether in a single or multiple areas, can increase the risk of serious complications.

Adverse cosmetic results of excessive liposuction can be lumps, dents, and sagging skin in the treated areas. Liposuction can be performed in phases, if the patient requires extensive fat reduction. Each phase should be scheduled sufficiently apart in order to ensure patient safety.


Risk Reduction

The patient should be prepared to make full disclosure about their health condition, previous medical records, current medications and supplements, history of smoking and drinking, and other lifestyle habits, if any. This will enable the surgeon to make a well-considered decision about the patient’s candidacy for liposuction.

If the patient has undergone weight loss, their body weight should have stabilized and should within 25 pounds of their ideal body weight. The surgeon may prefer tumescent liposuction technique to avoid general anesthesia risks, and may sometimes use laser, ultrasound, or RF technologies to make liposuction more targeted and precise as well as minimally invasive.

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