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Lip Enhancement Before And After Photos

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Lip Enhancement Before And After Photos

Lip Enhancement Before And After PhotosLip enhancement can be performed using cosmetic surgery or non-surgical approaches to improve the lip contour and add volume to thinning lips. At your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of different types of lip enhancement techniques, and help you make the right choice.

Some surgeons may also prefer to present lip enhancement before and after pictures during the first consultation but in this, on this stellar website, you can see an example of this on the website and perhaps more images can be added in the future. This will bring more transparency to the consultation process and will help you visualize exactly what a lip enhancement surgery or a non-surgical procedure can do for you.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides lip augmentation enhancement procedures to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities.

What are Lip Enhancement Before and After Pictures?

Lip enhancement ‘before and after’ images include a pair or group of photographs pertaining to a past patient who has successfully undergone the same procedure. These images are taken pre and post procedure at a time. You can compare the appearance of lips before the treatment and after the treatment at a stage hen the post-op inflammation and redness has subsided, and full results are apparent.

Your surgeon will take care to obtain the patient’s prior approval before using these images and present them before new patients in an appropriate manner. According to protocol, the identity of the patient may be kept confidential. The surgeon’s sole purpose in this exercise is to help the new patient develop realistic expectations and understand the procedure through these pictures.

These images are a visual aid to help prospective patients understand what a particular lip enhancement treatment can or cannot do for them.

Benefits of the Photos

As a first-time patient seeking lip augmentation, you might have only a limited understanding of the impact that the procedure will have on your lips and facial appearance. You may also want to know how the lip implant cosmetic surgery results will differ from those of fat transfer lip enhancement or dermal filler injections. While some patients may require fat transfer injections in the lips, implants may be more suitable for others.

Sometimes, your surgeon may recommend lip augmentation in conjunction with cheek lift plastic surgery or another facial cosmetic procedure. With so many treatment options and combinations available, it can get hard to make a confident decision. This is where lip enhancement before and after images can provide you a more comprehensive understanding of the different procedures and potential results, and you can make a more enlightened decision.

What’s impressive about these images is digital technology. The clarity is so astonishing that a patient can apply what they see on the screen to their own lips. This means that anyone who signs up for this treatment has a solid understanding on what to expect. With internet technology, you can see these images from your own home office or from a coffee shop two states over, it does not matter.

Sharing Digital Photos on Instagram

Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular photo sharing social platforms today. Your surgeon may show lip augmentation before and after pictures via Instagram to educate and inform patients and increase awareness about the procedure. Prospective patients can conveniently access these pictures online before they make up their mind to set up an appointment for lip augmentation.

Slideshows on Instagram are an excellent way to showcase before and after pictures. The surgeon may also use Instagram Stories and other creative features of the platform to inform patients on lip enhancement. For this purpose, they can create a dedicated Instagram account with the theme of plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. But the website is set up now and has some images for all to see.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for lip augmentation enhancement treatments.

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