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How Soon Can I Exercise After my Breast Augmentation?

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Recovering from breast augmentation is an important final step in your surgery. How you help your body heal can impact the final appearance of your procedure, and also reduce potential risks and complications.

The amount of time it takes each person to recover—and the amount of time needed before resuming regular physical activity—is based on a number of individual factors including the details of your specific breast augmentation procedure, your body’s natural ability to heal and your lifestyle choices. Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim will outline a recovery plan with you prior to your breast augmentation surgery and work with you as you heal to ensure a complication-free recovery that will allow you to resume your active life as soon as possible.

In the first few weeks following surgery, it is recommended to take a slow walk at least once a day. Walking will help reduce swelling, and will decrease the risk of complications. While mild walks can reduce recovery time, it is important to avoid strenuous exercise for about four to six weeks after your surgery.

Moderate to strenuous aerobic exercise will raise your blood pressure and cause undue stress on your breast implants before you’ve properly healed. This, in turn, may lead to bleeding and ultimately impact the aesthetics of your augmentation surgery.

Dr. Kim will monitor your healing in the months following your breast augmentation surgery and will gradually clear you to engage in more intense physical activity.

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