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How Much will a Liposuction Cost?

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Liposuction Cost – Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure and the costs have come down drastically in the last few years. As a result, more people are curious to know about liposuction and the associated costs.  There are many factors that can determine  how much the procedure costs.

Factors that determine the cost of a liposuction procedure

The cost of a liposuction depends on the qualification and expertise of the plastic surgeon performing the procedure. It also depends on the the type of procedure that the patient has requested. The doctor’s effort as well as the skills required for succesfully operating the patient are also factors that influence the price.

The cost will generally include the fee of the cosmetic surgeon, the cost of the surgical facilty, medicines and anaesthesia fees (if the procedure requires anaesthesia).

Dr. Eugene Kim has strived to keep his costs affordable so that his services as a plastic surgeon are accessable to the most number of people. If you want to learn more about the cost of undergoing a liposuction, you can contact Dr. Kim Eugene and fix an appointment.

Combine treatment to lower costs further

Some patients chose several cosmetic treatments and prefer to have these conducted in the same session, so that they can cut costs. Another advantage is you can recover from both the procedures at the same time and get back on your feet quickly.

Here is an example. Suppose you decide to undergo breast augmentation along with liposuction. Breast augmentation also involves anaesthesia. When you undergo these two procedures together, you will not have to pay for anaesthesia twice.

Pricing for liposuction

Dr. Eugene Kim offers two kinds of liposuction procedures. Traditional liposuction and Vaser Lipo. Those who undergo Vaso Lipo heal faster and also receive better body countering, compared to traditional liposuction. For this reason and other factors, traditional liposuction is priced lower than Vaser Lipo.

The pricing also depends on other factors like the area of the body where the procedure is to be conducted. For example, lower and upper abdominal liposuction if conducted together, costs more than just lower abdominal liposuction. At your initial consultation, feel free to discuss your needs with Dr. Kim. He will evaluate your case and discusss the fee structure pertaining to your procedure.

Financing available

Dr. Kim’s surgical facility also offers finanicing options to its patients. The application process takes only a few minutes and you can apply when you come for your initial visit. There are different kinds of plans, with varying replayment lengths and interest rates. You will surely find one for your budget. If need be, you can also request help in choosing a financial plan.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get the treatment that you want, without the tension of paying for the treatment all at once. By choosing the plan that suits you best you will not only go home with a much attarctive body but also with an incrcrease in your self esteem. All this that too wihout burinign a hole in your pocket.

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