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How do you prevent capsular contracture after breast augmentation?

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How do you prevent capsular contracture after breast augmentation?Following breast enhancement cosmetic surgery, the body’s immune system launches into a response to the foreign material inserted into the chest.

The body creates a “capsule” around each breast implant. This capsule comprises scar tissue and interwoven collagen fibers. Sometimes, the capsule tightens over time in a condition known as capsular contracture.

To prevent this condition, the plastic surgeon will likely instruct the patient to perform a daily breast massage in the initial few months after their augmentation procedure.

While it may be beneficial to understand how to massage the breasts properly, it does not guarantee that capsular contracture will not occur. Massage can help prevent the capsule from tightening but may be unable to stop the process entirely.

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Can the patient see a doctor for therapeutic massage to prevent capsular contracture?

After the procedure, the surgeon will advise the patient on how to massage the area properly. They may also ask the patient to view instructional videos on the correct technique.

Most patients should undertake their own breast massage. The doctor can show them the right technique to perform it.


What massage technique to use?

The patient should ask her doctor about when she should commence her massage therapy. This can differ based on your individual surgery. Some surgeons recommend that the patient begins a daily routine a week or so following the procedure.

The patient should make sure that they speak to their doctor on how to massage the region safely. If they cannot offer verbal guidance, they should provide the patient will instructional materials, such as video or pamphlet.

Some techniques that the patient may find beneficial are as follows:

  • Cup the hands over the breasts, either one or both breast simultaneously. Push downward for some seconds, release, and repeat. Use the same maneuver, but this time to push the breast in the upward direction.
  • Push the breasts towards the middle of the chest by placing the hands on either side. Hold for a few seconds and then repeat.
  • Push the breasts towards the middle of the chest but with the opposite hand this time (crisscross them underneath the breasts). Hold and repeat.
  • Place both the hands vertically on each side of a breast and squeeze. While the squeeze should be firm enough, it should not be painful. Repeat on the other breast as well.
  • Grab the shoulder with the opposite hand so that the elbow presses over your breast.

Some surgeons recommend a vigorous breast massage:

  • Three times daily in the initial month after the surgery
  • Twice daily in the second month
  • Once daily throughout the lifespan of the implants

A good thumb rule is to massage for a minimum of five minutes at a time.

The recommendations on how frequently and how long to massage may differ. However, doctors usually concur that a regular breast massage is one of the best techniques to prevent capsular contracture.

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