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FDA Approves Botox Cosmetic Treatment to Reduce Crow’s Feet

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FDA Approves Botox Cosmetic Treatment to Reduce Crow’s FeetBotox Cosmetic Treatment to Reduce Crow’s Feet

Dr. Eugene Kim is a dedicated plastic surgeon providing aesthetic and reconstructive surgery treatments to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica, CA. Patients in California and other parts of the United States, who are keen to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet around their eyes, have some outstanding news coming in from the FDA. The FDA has announced its approval for cosmetic treatment of crow’s feet with Botox. Botox for such fine lines on the face is a popular treatment for patients who are keen to avoid surgery.

Botox contain botulinum neurotoxin, a biological agent that was discovered over a century ago. It is known to be one of the most powerful biological substances. This toxin is used in extremely diluted quantities for cosmetic as well as medical purposes. With the recent FDA approval, the toxin can now be used to reduce wrinkles around the corners of the eyes. This can make the eyes appear more rested, relaxed and youthful. A qualified cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA or other areas may now officially provide Botox treatment for this purpose.

Botox Benefits

The FDA has already approved Botox for medical treatment of conditions such as eyelid spasms, underarm sweating, and chronic migraines. Botox is also widely used after its FDA approval for reduction of frown lines between the brows. Now it has achieved the FDA approval for reduction of lateral canthal lines, which are commonly known as crow’s feet.

These lines are caused when the eye muscles contract due to certain facial expressions repeatedly over a long period of time. Such facial expressions may include frowning, squinting, and smiling. When Botox is injected directly into the muscles that have contracted over time and are causing wrinkles, it allows the muscles to relax. This results in disappearance of wrinkles and smoothening of the facial skin.

FDA Approval

Botox received the FDA approval for treatment of crow’s feet after the manufacturer was able to show the successful results of a scientific study conducted on 833 adults. The study’s participants were assigned randomly to receive a Botox placebo injection. Marked reduction in the appearance of crow’s feet was seen in the group that was treated with Botox, compared to other group that was not treated.

The treatment is now FDA-approved, but an experienced plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA, or elsewhere would always advise patients to have realistic expectations from the procedure. The effects of this treatment usually last for around three to six months. The treatment may be repeated under surgeon’s supervision to prolong the benefits.

Lateral Canthal Lines or Crow’s Feet

Lateral canthal lines or crow’s feet refer to the fine lines around the corners of the eyes that radiate outwards of frown lines. These fine lines become more conspicuous when a person smiles because smiling action activates the underlying muscles in that area. When these muscles shrink under the skin, it causes the skin to fold naturally. The folds are repeated as frequently as a person smiles. Once the skin elasticity reduces with age, these lines on the skin gain permanence.

Botox can help reduce or remove crow’s feet effectively. The chemical is directly injected into the targeted muscle that needs to be treated. It works instantly to block the neural communication between the muscle and the brain, which inhibits the muscular contraction. As a result, the skin appears smooth and wrinkle does not form when a person smiles. This leads to significant reduction of crow’s feet.

Care with Botox

While the FDA has approved Botox for various cosmetic and medical purposes now, but the treatment is accompanied by a strong FDA warning that says that if the toxin spreads to areas beyond the site of injection, it may cause symptoms of botulism. However, the FDA warning also notes that when Botox is used in prescribed doses, it has never been known to cause such an adverse condition. In other words, the key to safety with Botox is that the treatment should be administered by an experienced cosmetic surgeon or a certified Botox expert only.

It is critical to deliver the dosage in precise quantity to avoid any risk of botulism. Xeomin from Merz Aesthetics and Dysport from Medicis are two other treatments that work on the same principle as Botox. These treatments are approved by the FDA to reduce frown lines, but they have not been approved for the treatment of crow’s feet as yet. Botox remains the only injectable treatment to have FDA’s approval for cosmetic reduction of crow’s feet.

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Source of News: FDA Press Release

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