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Facelift Surgery – Beverly Hills | Los Angeles

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As we grow old our face starts to show signs of aging. It is something that we cannot stop from happening. Some of the signs of aging include the skin around our face and neck begins to loosen, the forehead lines slowly transform into creases, vertical folds starts to appear under the chin.

There are some factors that that speeds up the process of aging like exposure to sun, personal habits like smoking and eating unhealthy food. However, to reverse the effects of aging a surgical procedure called facelift is done, which is now becoming very popular across the world. This procedure is carried out by a plastic surgeon. Dr. Eugene Kim is a well known cosmetic surgeon in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles areas. If you are in need of a facelift, make sure you consult this well experienced surgeon.

Faclift Procedure

There are numerous techniques available by which you can perform the facelift procedure. Some time back, facelifts simply meant pulling just the layer of skin backwards which reduced the wrinkles. However, the effect of this process remained for just a few days after which it would again be just like what it was earlier.

Recently, an advanced procedure was introduced called the ‘deep plane lifts’. Here the deeper muscle layers are pulled back which reduces the wrinkles for a longer period of time and its effects also is much more significant when compared to the old procedure.

The plastic surgeon starts with an incision from the region where the scalp on the forehead begins and then starts pulling and tightening the skin. Sometimes they may have to remove the excess fat and skin.

Benefits of undergoing a facelift procedure

There are many advantages of going under the knife for a facelift procedure. It is much more effective and useful than using cosmetics. Given below are the major benefits of a facelift procedure:

·   Younger looking skin: You will regain your old young look as the wrinkles will no longer be visible and you won’t have loose and flabby skin.

·   Regain self-confidence: You will feel more confident about yourself and you will be free from all the negativity surrounding your old age and the inability to do many things that comes with it.

·   Saves money: Although the surgery costs more than cosmetics, but it is one time expense and in the long run will surely save your money.

·   Boost self-esteem: The regaining of your young skin will surely boost your self-esteem and you will feel good about yourself as others will definitely notice the difference.

·   Saves time: It gives you a young look as soon as you recover from the surgery unlike the cosmetics which takes a lot of time to show its effects.

So, in today’s competitive and stressful world, it pays to have a facelift to bring in a positive outlook.

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