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Facelift Surgery Before and After Photos

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See Face Surgery and Non Invasive Before and After Photos

Facelift Surgery Before and After PhotosThe facelift is one of the most significant procedures performed by a cosmetic surgeon because face is the most prominent part of the body from an aesthetic point of view. A facelift can have different treatment approaches, depending on the facial anatomy and aesthetic goals of a patient.

Therefore, an experienced plastic surgeon will discuss various aspects of the surgery at the time of initial consultation, and may show facelift before and after pictures to the patient. Dr. Eugene Kim’s patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding areas can review these pictures during the initial consultation for facelift.

What are Facelift Before and After Images?

Before and after images in case of a Facelift surgery refer to a pair or group of photographs pertaining to a previous patient who has received the same treatment successfully. The photographs include pictures taken prior to the procedure and after the procedure at a time when full effects have appeared. The cosmetic surgeon will take these pictures with the consent of the patient, and show them to new patients with a goal to educate them about the procedure.

The photos serve as a visual aid to explain the potential effectiveness of facelift surgery to a patient during the initial consultation. Dr. Kim ensures that his patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA and other areas receive access to these pictures.


Facelift is a complex procedure and the plastic surgeon will adopt a customized treatment strategy according to the patient’s needs. A new patient may not have a very clear idea of how their facial profile, balance and signs of aging may be impacted by the surgery. Some patients may need a combination of facelift and neck lift, while some others may only need a mini facelift.

In some cases, the facelift may have to be combined with procedures such as chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, or forehead lift. A new patient can become confused between various treatment options. This is where facelift before and after photos can be very useful in helping the patient make appropriate choices, and understanding various aspects of the surgery.

Expecting Realistic Results

One of the key goals of the facelift surgeon during the initial consultation process is to ensure that the patient understands clearly what a facelift can or cannot do for them. Verbal explanations may prove to be inadequate sometimes, and the surgeon can show facelift before and after photos to ensure that the patient knows clearly what to expect from the surgery.

This helps the patient make an informed decision, and also mitigates the risk of any misunderstanding at a later stage. Patients with realistic expectations will usually achieve most satisfactory outcomes.

Digital Photos

The plastic surgeons have the option to provide facelift before and after photos in a digital format on their practice website. This allows free access to anyone who may need to review the photos to learn more about the procedure. New patients can check out the photos even before they decide to visit the surgeon’s office for a consultation.

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