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Exercising After a Breast Lift

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Exercising After a Breast LiftRecovery periods vary by individual, but most breast lift patients are able to return to work within a week and have their discomfort, swelling and bruising subside within two to three weeks.

And while you may feel ready to resume your normal physical activities after that initial healing process, you should avoid strenuous activities for at least four to six weeks. Your body is still recovering, and during this period it’s important to stay in touch with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim and follow his guidelines to ensure the results of your breast lift and your complete recovery.

How long until I can exercise after breast augmentation surgery?

Exercise should be resumed lightly at first, and you should refrain from chest exercises for at least a month or as directed by Dr. Kim. As you resume your fitness regimen, listen to your body and don’t overwork yourself.

Undertaking strenuous physical activity before your body is healed can lead to complications and may affect the results of your breast lift.

That said, staying in shape is beneficial to your recovery following any type of surgery, including a breast lift. Exercise and overall good health can decrease the healing time and side effects of surgery.

During your recovery from breast lift surgery, Dr. Kim will monitor your progress and gradually clear for stages of exercise of increasing intensity. Following these recommendations will help you resume your normal, active lifestyle while maintaining the results of your breast lift.

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