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Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Liposuction?

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Do I need to lose weight before liposuction?

Do I Need to Lose Weight Before Liposuction?Dr. Eugene Kim is a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, CA, providing latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgical treatments for body, face, and breasts. Patients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles can receive treatment at his state of the art facility. Dr. Kim has performed a variety of procedures, including liposuction, for a large number of patients from different backgrounds and ethnicities. As a cosmetic surgeon, he performs procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, dermal fillers, Botox, and reconstructive plastic surgery.

An Overview of Liposuction

Liposuction is a procedure designed to contour and re-shape particular areas of the body by removing excess deposits of fat. The goal is to improve the body’s proportion and make it appear slimmer and well defined. The procedure is usually effective in reducing fat pockets in the following areas of the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Hips and buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Inner knee
  • Arms
  • Neck and back
  • Chest
  • Calves
  • Ankles
  • Cheeks
  • Chin

Liposuction may be performed as a single procedure, or in conjunction with other surgeries such as tummy tuck, breast reduction, breast implants, or facelift. Advanced techniques are now available to make the procedure less invasive compared to several other plastic surgeries.

Is it a Weight Loss Procedure?

Many patients make the mistake of assuming liposuction as a weight loss procedure. However, the truth is that liposuction is not designed to reduce overall body weight, but to reduce fat pockets and bulges in specific areas to provide a slimmer and shapely appearance. Such localized fat deposits and disproportionate contours may occur in people even if they are maintaining a good level of fitness and health. This usually has more to do with extraneous factors such as heredity rather than the person’s lack of fitness or fat-rich diet.

Patients who undergo liposuction are advised by their surgeon to maintain a regimen of physical exercise and follow healthy eating habits. In absence of these practices, the results of liposuction may begin to disappear and the fat deposits may start returning. Liposuction is not a proper treatment for people who suffer from dimpled skin or cellulite that typically appears on hips, buttocks and thighs. Therefore, excessively overweight or obese patients as well as those having cellulite should consider alternative procedures in consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Who should Undergo Liposuction?

A person who is unhappy with excess fat deposits in specific areas of the body that do not respond to exercise or diet may be a fit candidate for liposuction. Body weight is an important consideration for this procedure. Adults whose body weight ranges within 30 percent of their ideal weight may be accepted for this surgery. The outcome will be much better for candidates who have solid muscle tone and firm and elastic skin.

The surgeon will also consider the general health of the candidate to ensure that he or she does not suffer from a current medical condition that could delay or impair healing. The surgeon will instruct an occasional smoker to refrain from smoking several weeks before and after liposuction. To achieve satisfactory results, it is also important for the candidate to have realistic expectations and clear goals from the surgery.

Losing Weight: Before or After Liposuction?

Losing weight prior to liposuction surgery may be advisable for candidates who are excessively overweight or obese, and willing to follow a committed fitness regimen and balanced diet under the supervision of a trained expert. Such practices may help a person achieve significant weight loss over a period of time. Some other candidates may also opt for a surgical weight loss procedure to reduce body weight.

Once the body weight in either case has stabilized closer to ideal levels, liposuction surgery may be considered. This may be necessary because certain stubborn fat deposits may not go away, or may make the body look disproportionate or unshapely. This condition can be corrected effectively with liposuction. A cosmetic surgeon will also recommend the patient to maintain ideal weight conditions after liposuction. If at any point of time in the future, the patient gains weight, it is advisable to make efforts to reduce it with natural methods and prolong the benefits of liposuction.

Liposuction with Dr. Eugene Kim

Dr. Kim provides liposuction treatment for patients in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and surrounding communities. He will perform a medical evaluation or ask for certain lab tests before determining the suitability of a patient for liposuction. He will spend time to understand the needs and aspirations of the patient before recommending the most appropriate treatment plan for a desirable outcome.

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