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Can Rhinoplasty Refine a Thick Nose?

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While rhinoplasty is very effective at re-shaping a nose with structural problems, it cannot reduce the thickness of your nose’s skin. If you have thick skin on your nose that already obscures its structure, it may also obscure any refinement that a rhinoplasty is able to accomplish.

Cartilage sculpted

During a rhinoplasty procedure, the skin of your nose is lifted up so the bone and cartilage can be sculpted. After this is completed, the skin is placed back down over your nose. Typically, the thickest skin on a person’s nose is in the tip. While the bridge of your nose can be raised, resulting in some narrowing of the nose, patients with especially thick nose-tip skin may not get the cosmetic result they are looking for from rhinoplasty. It may be necessary to thin the skin during surgery however care must be taken to not compromise the circulation to the skin.

The cosmetic problems that rhinoplasty is able to effectively address will vary based on your particular anatomy, including the existing structure of your cartilage and the thickness of your skin. In some thicker-skinned noses, the underlying support of the nose is often weak. After a thorough examination, Dr. Kim will discuss the possibilities for your nose surgery with you and help you determine if the procedure would be valuable to you.

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