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Can a Facelift Get Rid of My Wrinkles?

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Facelift surgery is designed to improve the appearance of your face and neck area by removing loose skin and repositioning your underlying facial fat and muscle. Although wrinkles are sometimes reduced as a natural result of the skin tightening involved in facelift surgery, wrinkle reduction is not the goal of the procedure. However, Dr. Kim can combine your facelift procedure with a dermal filler or BOTOX® Cosmetic to eliminate wrinkles, providing you with more dramatic overall results.

The primary non-invasive wrinkle reduction methods offered by Dr. Kim are:

  • BOTOX® Cosmetic
  • Radiesse®

If you are concerned with signs of aging in the forehead area, talk with Dr. Kim about a brow lift. Some patients also combine their facelift with liposuction to achieve the results they’re looking for. No matter what your cosmetic goals are, Dr. Kim can help you find a solution.

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