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Breast Augmentation: Exercising With Breast Implants

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For the first few weeks after breast augmentation surgery, you will need to avoid strenuous exercise. Light exercise can usually be resumed after a certain period of time, but since everyone heals at different rates, you should follow up with Dr. Kim before you start exercising again. Once he tells you that you’re ready, begin with low impact exercises, like walking and cycling. Avoid strenuous movements and heavy weightlifting; these activities should be worked up to slowly.

If you are an athlete, you may find that lateral arm movements – like those used in golf and tennis – can be stressful on your chest muscles. Performing careful shoulder rolls and arm rotations every day can help strengthen your chest muscles once they have healed.

Consider how active your lifestyle is when deciding on breast implants. If you are an athlete, it’s usually best to stick with moderate-sized implants to ensure you do not compromise your freedom of movement. Overly large implants may feel too heavy when you are trying to engage in a high-energy activity.

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