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Breathing and Appearance Problems after Rhinoplasty

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Breathing and Appearance Problems after RhinoplastyOne of the hardest things about rhinoplasty is that it has a very long recovery period. Though you are generally able to return to work within about a week, and return to all your favorite activities in less than 12 weeks, your healing is not yet complete. It often takes six months and may take up to a year for the healing to be complete and your final results to be visible. Before then, you may experience a number of minor problems

One problem that impacts people during the recovery period for rhinoplasty is minor breathing problems. Depending on the reshaping that was done and if you experience some minor complications, the interior of your nose may be swollen for an extended period of time, which can constrict your nostrils, making it hard to breathe. Ironically, this can be especially true if part of the goal of the surgery was to improve your breathing, and allergies can make this even worse.

As the swelling and other healing progresses, your results will continue to change. We encourage you to discuss any concerns you have about the appearance of your nose at any time. We will evaluate the progress of your results and help you to understand what changes to continue to expect.

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