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Breast Lift Surgery – Los Angeles | Beverly Hills

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Learning More about Breast Lift Surgery

The breast lift, which is clinically known as mastopexy, is a procedure performed by a plastic surgeon to raise the position of breasts and make them firmer and more youthful looking. The breast lift is designed to help women who are unhappy with their severely sagging breasts, and are unable to achieve positive results with diet and exercise. The procedure involves surgical removal of loose skin in the breast area, tightening of underlying breast tissue and repositioning of nipples and areolas to a raised level.

As an experienced cosmetic surgeon for breast procedures, Dr. Eugene Kim performs breast lift for his patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, CA and nearby areas. The breast lift may sometimes be combined with breast augmentation procedure if the patient needs to enhance the size and volume of breasts, apart from correcting their sagginess.

Suitable Candidates for a Breast Lift

The plastic surgeon may recommend breast lift surgery for women who suffer from heavily drooping breasts and usually nipples points downwards. Patients who have some natural elasticity of skin can achieve better results with breast lift. The candidate should either be a non-smoker or have the commitment to quit smoking several weeks prior to the procedure.

Candidates with a positive frame of mind, clear aesthetic goals and realistic expectations will usually achieve the most satisfactory outcomes. Dr. Kim evaluates the medical history, breast anatomy and aesthetic needs of the patient before suggesting breast lift surgery.

Need for a Breast Lift

The need for receiving breast lift procedure from a cosmetic surgeon may arise in the following cases:

  • Following a pregnancy or breastfeeding, the patient has lost breast volume.
  • Weight fluctuations have resulted in excessive loose skin in the breast area.
  • Breasts are drooping due to gravitational force, heavy breasts and sedentary lifestyle.
  • Skin elasticity has reduced with age, causing breasts to droop.
  • Hereditary reasons have caused the breasts to sag at a fairly younger age.

The surgeon will make it clear to the patients that breast lift is not designed to improve the breast size and fullness. It will make the breasts firmer, but to enhance the size, the procedure may have to be combined with breast augmentation.


A breast lift may be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation. The duration of the procedure may last between one and two hours. The procedure begins with the plastic surgeon making an incision in a discreet way to lift the underlying weak breast tissue, remove loose breast skin, and reshape the contour to improve firmness. The surgery also usually involves raising the nipples and areolas to a more youthful position. When the procedure is completed, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures or skin adhesive.


Bruising and swelling will be experienced for the first few days, which can cause pain and soreness in the breasts. Most patients will be ready to resume their regular activities within a week to 10 days. Strenuous exercises should be avoided for at least a month. The results of breast lift can be long lasting, provided the patient maintains a balanced diet and a marvelous and steady fitness regimen.

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