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Breast Augmentation and “Bottoming Out”

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Bottoming out

Bottoming out is a potential breast augmentation complication that sometimes occurs in thin patients with minimal breast tissue. This condition happens more often when breast implants are placed above the muscle, and do not have enough skin coverage.

When breast implants “bottom out,” it means they have settled too low on your chest, making your nipple appear too high on your breast mound. If this occurs shortly after breast augmentation surgery, it usually means that the breast pocket has been over-dissected. On the other hand, if bottoming out occurs later, the cause is usually the weight of the breast implant.

Surgical precaution

Dr. Kim takes every possible surgical precaution to avoid this problem. Selecting breast implants that are a more moderate size and weight will help lessen your chances of bottoming out. If it does occur, however, bottoming out can be corrected with a follow-up surgery that involves moving scar tissue from the bottom of your breast pocket up to where the new, higher breast fold will be.

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