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When Will Swelling Subside After Breast Augmentation?

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After any surgical procedure, the body will swell in the area where the surgery was performed. Swelling is the body’s response to trauma and is a natural way for the body to protect itself while healing. You will experience swelling after your breast augmentation procedure; however, the swelling should quickly subside.

Swelling will be at its peak for the first couple of days following your breast augmentation. After the initial couple of days, the swelling should dramatically decrease. You may notice a small amount of swelling for about four to five weeks. After the fifth week, swelling will typically have subsided.

Tips to Reduce Breast Augmentation Swelling

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim will give you instructions to follow after your breast augmentation procedure. The post-operative instructions will help you maintain your comfort and keep swelling to a minimum.

You will be asked to wear a soft sports bra following your breast augmentation surgery. The sports bra will give you support, limit swelling and discomfort, and help speed your recovery. Sleeping in an elevated position will also help reduce swelling. You may find that sleeping in a recliner is very comfortable following breast augmentation surgery.

Applying cold packs to your chest is another great way to reduce swelling. Using bags of frozen fruit or vegetables is sometimes more comfortable than using ice packs. The bags of frozen fruit or vegetables conform to the shape of your breasts unlike ice packs that are usually in a rigid, rectangular shape.

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