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Scars from Breast Augmentation

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Before your breast augmentation, you will choose an incision option. The location of the scars left by the surgery will depend on which incision option you choose. These options are:

  • The crease below your breast, where your breast meets the chest wall (inframammary incision)
  • In your armpit (transaxillary incision)
  • Around the bottom of your areola (periareolar incision)

Although you cannot avoid the presence of scars after breast augmentation, you can decide where you want the scars to be located.

An inframammary incision will leave a scar in the fold between your chest and breast. This incision is well concealed beneath the breast and only visible if the breast is lifted. Women with well-developed breast folds make good candidates for this incision. If you have small breasts and are receiving only a slight increase from breast augmentation, the incision may not be quite as hidden.

A periareolar incision is made between the edge of your areola and breast skin. The scar left by this incision is very difficult to see because it is concealed precisely where the skin changes color.

Scars on the breasts can be completely avoided with the transaxillary incision. Located in your armpit, the scar will only be visible if you lift your arms up. Even with your arms lifted, it will be difficult to see the scar because the incision will be placed in the most inconspicuous way.

All scars after breast augmentation flatten out and become less noticeable about a year after surgery. Our office also has scar medications which can be utilized right after surgery and help with wound healing.

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