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Liposuction For Your Bra Rolls

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Liposuction For Your Bra RollsStubborn fat deposits can negatively affect a person’s appearance and self-confidence. For individuals who suffer from a bra line bulge, this is especially true. Undesirable fat appears to be squeezed by bra straps. This can be a source of self-consciousness for many women.

An experienced surgeon will assess how liposuction cosmetic surgery can be used to address bra bulge enabling women to appear their best in the process.

Basic Information

In general, the bulge around the bra line develops due to the presence of fat deposits around the upper and mid back, the armpits, the sides of the torso, and the front of the torso where the chest and abdomen connect.

Spot reduction is a myth, which makes it especially challenging to get rid of fat around the back and torso with only diet and exercise alone. Fortunately, liposuction offers a sustainable solution to remove undesirable areas of fat.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides liposuction of the bra rolls to patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding locations.

Ideal Candidates

Suitable bra roll liposuction candidates have only a little amount of body fat that they want to eliminate. They are in good general health and do not have any health conditions that could increase surgery-related risks.

Liposuction is only meant to eliminate a relatively small amount of fat from the body. Before the procedure, a surgeon may instruct the patient to exercise and eat healthy for a few weeks or months to lose weight and body fat in a natural manner. This helps to enhance the outcomes and sustainability of the surgical results.


Liposuction of the bra bulge area will involve the surgeon using a cannula to suction out unwanted body fat along the torso and back. The main focus area of the surgery will be between the armpit and the hips.

This process creates a much more attractive torso as well. The surgeon will also address the bulge at the top of the abdomen if necessary. The plastic surgeon will sculpt the fat to ensure that the bulging around the bra straps is much less prominent.


Patients commonly experience inflammation, soreness, bruising, and some fluid leakage after liposuction of the bra bulge area. These side effects are normal, and will gradually dissipate over time.

The patient will need to take some time off work after their liposuction cosmetic surgery to recover from the procedure. Individuals with sedentary jobs may be able to resume work sooner.


Women no longer have to worry about that unattractive bra bulge with liposuction that is targeted to the upper torso and sides. The skin surrounding the bra straps will not seem so compressed and pushed out.

This will enable the patient’s body to appear sleeker and more contoured. This procedure causes very little conspicuous scarring as the cannula is tiny. The outcomes of liposuction can sustain for years with a balanced diet and regular exercise regimen.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas for bra roll liposuction.

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