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How Do I Know if My Nose is Broken?

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Nasal fractures are more common than many people realize, yet it is not always easy to tell whether or not a nose is broken. When your nose becomes swollen, even x-rays can be deceptive or unhelpful in identifying the extent of the injury.

Signs that your nose may be broken include:

  • Pain or tenderness when touching your nose
  • Bleeding from your nose
  • A crooked or deformed shape to your nose
  • Bruising around the nose or eyes
  • Difficulty breathing through your nose

Beyond having your nose examined to rule out a septal hematoma, most physicians recommend waiting anywhere from 7-10 days after your injury before seeing a rhinoplasty specialist. By this time, the swelling should have subsided enough for a specialist to pinpoint the damage. Your bones will still be mobile if repositioning is necessary.

Even if your nose did sustain a fracture, it does not always need to be treated. Rhinoplasty should only be necessary if your nose’s shape has changed, or if your breathing is now blocked or compromised.

If you have further questions about how rhinoplasty can help a broken nose, please contact us today to schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim. We serve patients in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Newport Beach areas of California.

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