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Forehead Lift Surgery Recovery

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Forehead Lift Surgery Recovery

Forehead Lift Surgery RecoveryForehead lift cosmetic surgery will involve some time period for post-operative recovery. During the initial consultation, the surgeon will discuss how long it may be before the patient can return to their daily routine. Following the surgery, they will also provide the patient and their caregiver with detailed post-op care instructions.

Patients should feel to ask questions about recovery and schedule their surgery at a time when they can commit to a full and proper recovery. Outstanding, dignified, and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim provides forehead lift patients in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and surrounding communities and towns in this part of SoCal.

Post-Op Care Advice

Following the forehead lift cosmetic surgery, the patient will receive post-operative care instructions about:

  • How to care for the incisions
  • Normal and expected symptoms and side effects
  • Any potential signs of a complication
  • Estimated downtime (it can vary from one patient to another)

Right after the forehead lift:

  • The surgeon may recommend ice therapy or cold compresses for the eyes and forehead for 48 hours to mitigate swelling
  • Sleep with the head in an elevated position for about one week
  • The surgeon may schedule the first post-op visit in about two days to assess the progress of healing

Early Recovery Phase

The patient may experience some discomfort in the early recovery phase, including tightness from ear to ear across the top of the brow and the head. The surgeon may prescribe some mild pain meds. Drain tubes are usually not required after a forehead lift. Temporary numbness, bruising and swelling are expected. Swelling will begin to subside from the fourth or fifth day after the surgery.

The patient may have a more frequent urge to urinate in the first one or two days because of the IV fluids administered during the surgery. Bruising may be more prominent in the areas surrounding the brows. Bruising will resolve in about two to three weeks.

The surgeon may permit the patient to take a shower from the next day of the surgery. Patients should be careful when using hot water because the scalp will be numb, and damage to the skin or hair may occur if caution is not exercised.

Expected Timeframe of Recovery

Sutures will be removed in about one week after the forehead lift surgery. Mild activities and short walks in the first week are encouraged to aid circulation, but vigorous exercises and heavy lifting should be avoided for a few weeks. Most patients can resume driving from the second or third week after the surgery. Patients are usually able to go back to work from the second week and return to full activities in a few weeks.

Numbness in the scalp will improve within a few weeks, and the scalp will initially feel itchy as the forehead nerves are revived. Once the patient returns to their normal routine, they should preferably begin work at half speed and gradually increase it to their normal speed.

Remarkable and profound plastic surgeon Dr. Eugene Kim receives patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, CA, and nearby areas across the horizon for a forehead lift.

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